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  • Caroline S. Rodrigues

    Parabéns jovem!!! Em bom português! 😊

    • Yann Braga

      Muito obrigado!

  • CJ Patoilo

    “Houston, confirmed. We have a great talk for our upcoming Ionic meetup in Fortaleza city!”
    This sounds good to me. Congrats dude =)

    • Yann Braga

      Thanks! Count me in 🙂

  • Carlos Rojas

    parabens 🙂

    • Yann Braga


  • Rashid NK

    very impressive, @@yannbraga:disqus join ionic whatsapp chat

    • Yann Braga

      Thanks Rashid, I’ll check it out!

  • Dariusz Olsz

    It does not work properly..for example enter force awakens…loading all the time and it stucks ..all app is not accessible. Why most of ionic apps that are shown in blog eventually have some errors..? It seems it is so unstable?

    • Yann Braga

      Hey Darius! Thanks for trying the app out. I just tried to reproduce the error you said and it worked okay:

      This app was made for a hackathon, it wasn’t meant to be the perfect app, but rather show how Ionic can achieve a nice result in such short time. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience, though.

      Wish you the best! 🙂

  • TimTheGuy

    This is great! Inspiring for a novice Ionic developer looking to build applications that stand out from the crowd

    • Yann Braga

      So glad you liked it, @disqus_1TNFnao6Pq:disqus ! Get to the Ionic Worldwide slack so we can chat and grow together 🙂

  • Miguel Carrasco Q.

    Well done Yann! Love to see good code

    • Yann Braga

      Miguel! Many thanks for that :)) Your code is awesome too!

  • Bernardo Gomes

    Great App and Great Article!!

    • Yann Braga

      Thanks a lot, Bernardo!

  • Bharath

    Congratulations!! I take you as Inspiration !!

    • Yann Braga

      Thanks a lot, this also inspires me!

  • Ian Wiedenman


  • Jean Gérard Bousiquot

    Great stuff man! I’ve been dabbling with Ionic for a while and haven’t really done nothing amazing with it. Believe or not your post has boosted something in me. I’m more determined to build more products with Ionic now. 😉

    • Yann Braga

      I’m really glad to read this! Please share with us the nice stuff you will achieve!

      • Jean Gérard Bousiquot

        I will.

  • Bilal Akmal

    Hi, that’s really good effort by you.
    Can you please guide me regarding “Custom Side Menu Transition”? Like how we can override MenuRevealType in Ionic?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hanan Ur Rehman

    Mr Yann Braga
    I believe your website is down
    When will it be back up?