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  • Gaurav Chandra

    Awesome post. Very happy to hear about the pricing. Great job guys. I am a happy ionic dev.

  • yankitwizzy


  • JackGuy

    I adore this framework and I’m happy to pay for services in my personal projects. I also really want to recommend them for enterprise use but that’ll have to wait until pricing is announced. Until then, I’m excited to see where ionic goes next!

  • Leo van den Bulck

    Great vision, very inspiring post. Looking forward to trying out all of these services. Keep up the good work.

  • Jiyuu

    Thanks for this clarification. Our company has chosen Ionic as its mobile platform. Opensource and free to use were our number one priority.

    We were looking for a strong, stable and promising solution. I’m convinced that Ionic is all about.

    I appreciate your “full-stack” approach: quick development process, ready-to-code, interesting UI.

    We’re building cross-platform and cross-device apps, so my only regret is the lack of real tablet’s solutions (though we’ve worked with grid system as a temporary solution).

  • Perillo Santana

    Great! : )

  • Jefferson Souza

    You’re awesome guys! 🙂

  • Ahn Aiden

    This is so good!

  • djicykle

    Awesome! One question though, we have been using the Ionic Framework for a while now and it has been great! We are looking to use this as a SaaS product so that means there will be a # of apps in the ecosystem…are you looking to make sure you have a “tier” for that line of business as well?

  • Alan Gruskoff

    I am paying now for Adobe’s PhoneGap Build service ($10/m). So why not Ionic?

  • Sameer

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful overview of what’s about to come. We are currently using ionic as our mobile framework for an enterprise application along with a third party mBaaS provider. Analytics has been a complicated piece to figure out. As your mentioned we have also been struggling to find a provider that automatically listens to mobile UI events. It would be great to use all these features under one platform.

    I’m curious to know if you have plans to support desktop web apps too? I saw one of your videos on YouTube where this was a feature to be expected in the future. Can you share a roadmap for this? A lot of our development is hybrid and cross platform. Haven’t been able to find a single platform/library that gracefully scales between desktop and mobile. Really hoping ionic can weave some magic around this!

    Your platform is awesome! Can’t wait to play around with the platform services alpha!

  • Herve

    Great job guys. Keep going!

  • Arnold

    Great !. Well said. We are anxiously waiting to see these services.

  • Azahari Zaman

    Great news here. Thanks and kudos for the job well done!

  • Richard

    I had already been feeling that this is the way I want to steer my mobile app development. This post addresses my concerns accurately and I feel a lot more comfortable in “pulling out the stops”. I am willing to give this my full commitment. …and thanks guys. As seems to be the consensus – you guys rock!

  • Rafaell Lycan

    That’s awesome.

    I believe that some kind of plans to use the services is good, to give a return to the product and to improving the products by the time. Currently I started develop using Ionic because it’s open source and extremely easy to learn, and I hope the Ionic team always will launch great products.

    Thanks for the explanation.

  • Tom McLellan

    This clarification really helps. I love how much time Ionic saves me every week, and so it’s great to know that the pricing will be on a per-app basis and that you’re planning a dev/free tier. For production and client apps it’s good to see that you’re building a sustainable business model where pricing and app success are aligned. Awesome!

  • Ariel

    Very nice post. It sounds like your values match your users’/buyers’. Thank you.

  • juarezpaf

    To the moon, right? /o/

  • gfdickinson

    Sweet framework and exactly what I have been looking for!

  • Fabio F. de Aquino

    You Guys Rock!

  • Nikola Brežnjak

    Hey guys,

    Indeed, this is all super awesome. However, I have one very specific question whose TL;DR is: “Can we use Ionic framework to make apps for betting industry”?

    Let me explain; this what you’re saying that you won’t charge for your services until “we succeed”, as in when our app reaches some traction is great – but, tbh it too much sounds like the thing that guys at Unity3D are doing. And, this is a great model, where no one (I guess at least) hasn’t got any bad things to say about. However, since we were dealing with them, and then found the hard way that they indeed have a specific, humongous (we’re talking 150k$ per year recurring) to say the least, license for apps that even have something to do with the betting industry. So, I would just like to ask plainly – do you have some kind of restrictions like that or can I keep my sanity and continue developing with Ionic?

    Thanks guys, you truly rock!

    • yesimahuman

      Hey Nikola,

      Great question. One difference here is that Ionic the framework can be used for anything, and betting is a great use case for it since you often have to release those apps as mobile websites which Ionic can handle.

      However, for the services, one thing we are doing right now is figuring out the legalities of providing services for certain industries. For example, will not support applications that require HIPAA or PCI compliance, among other things. It’s possible we could support those in the future with custom contracts that could be quite pricey.

      So, my answer is that I don’t know what we’d have to do to support the betting industry, maybe nothing. We will have more info once we move into beta, and are working with lawyers to figure this all out right as we speak!

      • Nikola Brežnjak

        Thank you for the reply. Ok, I guess its already pretty awesome that by using only Ionic you don’t (secretly) charge something (like those guys at Unity3D as I mentioned).

        Great, looking forward to see all the pricing models once you define them.

        Good luck!

  • Ben Holmes

    Thank you for the open and detailed post here. I’ve been very wary of using your platform services for the very reasons you have described. However, with this post and some other issues I’ve been dealing with, I’m actually willing to really look into them.

  • Stefan Yanku

    Hi Max. Thank you for your efforts to build and offer Ionic to the developer community. And, I like very much your outlined pricing concept, specially the dev plan before the app takes off the ground. I’m looking forward to see – and use – more of your products!

  • Zi

    What about other platforms?
    Windows 10? Mac App Store? Linux? Browser?

  • IrfanAmir

    Well done ionic team.. You guys have become inspiration for many developers like me..
    Now please do something for securing hybrid apps from reverse engineering.

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  • John Stroud

    I’m loving Ionic. Thanks.

  • Matthijs de Wit

    Working in the EU (The Netherlands) in healthcare and app development, privacy and data are important to me. General info about usage isn’t necessarily a privacy concern, patient data is however.

    I am really excited about the progress made by you guys, so I hope these concerns will (continue) to be taken into consideration in the future.

  • Warija

    Awesome product.
    After the change of my role from application developer to project/ program manager, I have not had a chance to personally code for years now, although I was an avid Windows/ C++ developer. I have quit my company to follow my hobbies and passion. Since application design and development, I immensely enjoyed, someone suggested ionic framework to get started.
    Here I am and I hope to use this platform to translate some of my ideas into mobile applications. Great job, Iconic for providing us this platform. There is so much information overload that it is very difficult to choose the right stack and get going to even write a small application. This seems to be a right place for me to start 🙂 Thank you!

  • ekreative

    we a web development company ( we have both native and hybrid based app development. A year ago we switched 100% to Ionic for all our hybrid app development and can not be happier! thank you so much for your hard work! i think the pricing model is fair and i am excited about the future strategies. Quick question: whereas jobs is focused on finding full time ionic devs to join teams on site, is there a service that you have/will have that allows companies like us to look for one time projects and services clients off site (aka outsource) ?

  • simplejoymedia

    I appreciate your approach to pricing. Add me to the list of people who will be glad to pay as our apps are successful!

  • Robert

    This is great news. I had to build an app using html5 from scratch and it has been a nightmare! Glad i found ionic just in time.

  • Leo van den Bulck

    I’ve looked at the Ionic Marketplace yesterday for the first time, and I have to say it looks fantastic. Very useful, it’s really exceeding my expectations. I’m definitely planning to publish stuff on the Market.

  • Eduardo

    I am really interested on knowing about your future prices.

  • efei

    Hi, I have a business where I have quite a few customers with their own app but with a pretty low price since the app doesnt do that much.

    If I choose to go for am I going to pay somewhere around 10$ a month or am I looking at starting prices around 100$?

  • xameeramir

    As per my understanding, the framework isn’t the service. Push – yes, it surely is. Can you please enlist all the services. So, the people who’re looking forward to do business using ionic can make better decisions?