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  • Astrill Arnold Chitwa

    will have to try this one out this month!

  • Ejaz Karim

    Hello, thanks for the framework. I just went through your post and I’m not sure if I missed it above – do the apps will run on browser?

    • Leonardo Situmorang

      Yes it does. You can run it on browser while in development mode. There’s already a CLI command for that 😉

      • Ejaz Karim

        Thanks. And one more question: when user installs the app will it run just like native apps or it will run under browser? I

        • Leonardo Situmorang

          It ran just like native apps. The demo –which I tried yesterday on my Xiaomi Mi3– ran silky smooth. I was surprised as well as it was my very first experience running hybrid app 😉

  • anna ishmukhametova

    yoiu said. You can run it on browser while in development mode. so but i need push my mobile page to stage as a part of webview of ios-app. cause i already have ios-app i just need add aditional page with mobile-resposnsive design and with some functionality .

  • Roberto Pineda

    What about using ionic on webviews inside Xamarin App ?

  • Espero Shoumma

    This is a fantastic framework. I see some demo apps on Android Store today. The apps were smooth and without any kind of lagging. I was amazed by the performance. Pretty neat.

    Thanks to the Ionic team for building this awesome framework.

  • Kaushik Sekar

    I am not able to do automation in ionic android app with selenium and appium. Can you please suggest me from which tool I can do automation.

  • Xander

    I think Ionic should decouple from Angular and build js libraries that can be pulled in to any javascript framework. I’ve invested quite some time and built a lot of VueJs apps in the last 1,5 years. Before that I worked with AngularJS a lot and before that I worked with BackboneJS. I’m learning to work with ReactJS.

    As you can read, you could imagine that learning ‘yet another js framework’, for me, feels like a big deal. I could..but I just start to get comfortable with my favorite framework.

    I can image other developers using EmberJS, or any other framework out there, will feel the same way. Ionic’s tools( I just installed the v2 [email protected] ) are great. I wish I could work with Ionic without having to learn angular 2.

    If these things are already possible then I’m very pleased. I just started to play with Ionic a week ago, so I’m still finding interesting resources ..very fresh.

    • Rick

      The article above says AngularJS. You said you already know that. Problem solved 🙂

      • Xander

        Yeah, but I know more than Angular JS only.. which I like better. Problem unsolved!

      • Xander

        anyways, Native Script solves a lot of things nowadays.

      • Xander

        Also.. times have changed. Ionic can be used with other frameworks now!

        • Ramakant Singh

          Can you please share some example 🙂 will appreciate your help

          • Xander

            I’m not sure what to show you, but I think that this talk would give you some directions:

          • Ramakant Singh

            thank you so much Xander, I kept myself reminder everyone to go through this videos but my busy work schedule never allowed me to do so, but now finally gonna watch this videos 🙂 thanks

  • Santanu Sabata

    I like this framework , its work all the platform, I am going to develop a app using this framework.

  • UniqueAppz

    Hi guys Here is my #Ionic #App – WishKaro
    A unique way of sending #wishes.

    You can send all type of wishes.

    Please sugget me to improve my skills and performance of app.

    Thank you

  • Daniel Rodrigues

    Feel like a love letter to us, developers.