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  • Yann Braga

    The Ionic team is really going towards the right direction! Can’t wait to see this happening, and funny thing is that stencil will be released in my birthday 😀

    • Dave Parizek

      Well Happy Birthday a day early!

      • Park Broom

        yet they still can’t fix keyboard issues

    • Justin Willis

      Thats awesome! haha

  • Igor Kuna

    Great post! It actually made me think about shifting my native Android app (a community app for jokes) to Ionic and cover 3+ platforms instead of just one 😀 will definitely give this some more thought.

  • Leonardo Scorza

    Awesome, thanks for this o/

  • Nilson Silva

    Congratulations. This is really exciting!!!

  • Ekene

    I tried deploying my Ionic App as a PWA but the size is about 5Mb. Even then the app freezes and I get error like “error loading chunk 0”. Is there any command to generate PWAs with the lastest Ionic ?

    • hyongil moon

      I recommend to use SW-PreCache to generate the service worker javascript during the build. SW-PreCache currently limit the size of file to less than 2.1MB per file. So you will have to use either Lazy Loading or reduce the size by building –prod….

      • Ekene


    • yesimahuman

      To add to the other comments, the next release of Ionic is going to have major improvements to PWA performance and a dramatic reduction in code size. Stay tuned!

  • Owa


    So using this, we can target 3 platforms at once, cool.

    please once released, please release tutorials showing how one can selectively enable Cordova and cordova plugins on platforms that support cordova while disabling them for web browsers.

  • Cassiano M

    Nice text, but the first topic “Why should I care about PWAs” says almost the same thing in every paragraph.

  • Davi Aquino

    That is some exciting news!

  • Anthony Farrior

    Sounds yummy! Adding this to our IONIC Forum here:

  • hyongil moon

    Ionic rocks! I’ve built a simple PWA app using Ionic Framework, SW-PreCache and SW-ToolBox. I had to add a few additional JavaScript (Index.html) + TypeScript (Ionic Root Component listening to precache events) codes to handle when to update the service worker as well as resources. Check this PWA app hosting on Firebase…

  • Christian Bonato

    It would be great to see an Ionic PWA competing in

  • Joshua Furman

    While I love the pace that this sets, I am still concerned as to what the drawbacks might be for not having your app hosted on Google Play or the App Store. While I have my own opinions, I’d like to hear what the drawbacks are to doing a PWA versus a native app (I <3 Ionic)

    • yesimahuman

      It’s not either or. We see both App Store and web apps being important for different reasons. A good way to test would be to put your ionic app on the web and see if web traffic prefers that or wants to download the app. Each company is going to have different needs and different user experience flows (google search, web links, mobile-only, etc)

  • obedm503

    this is really exciting. ionic has been the only thing that has kept me using angular. when they’re mature, hopefully migration away from angular is not too difficult.

    but this is really exciting!

    • Rashid NK

      yes, you can use the web components with other js frameworks such as vuejs, knockout, ember etc, like framework7, onsen etc do

    • Justin Willis

      Good question! Web components built with stencil, including all of our Ionic components that we are busy porting over to web components using stencil, can be used in any framework of your choice, or no framework at all! So, you could continue to use Ionic-Angular if you wanted too, or you could use the @ionic/core collection of components in your react app, or preact app etc. We will have more examples of this as we continue with Stencil. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog post!

  • SeriousEion

    The article is misleading about iOS. We’ve been developing PWA on iOS for the past 6+ years, i.e. before the term “PWA” was coined. Service Workers are not a requirement for offline apps, and indeed the description for the service workers API is that it is a progression from the Offline Manifest Caching API which is available in Safari since iOS4

  • Karol Depka

    Hi. Nice. Do you have a nice SVG logo for Stencil, so I can include it in the list of topics, for our project? (

  • Karol Depka

    Speaking of PWA… How is Ionic doing with regard to URL-s/routing? Last time I checked, the demos did not change the browser URL bar while navigating in the app (which felt like a mobile app scaled up to desktop browser, instead of a web app…). TIA

  • Slash

    Hi Justin, I have a question about PWA’s. As you perhaps can remember we are producing a SmartHome SmartBuilding environemnt with our own gateway and we build the app using ionic. We are intersted in PWA’s from the beginning but not sure if we should use it.
    In our app we can also monitoring remote devices with an http tunnel, so let me explain and let us assume this:
    I have my GW with my ionic WebClient installed from where I install my PWA on my device. Some months further I’m buying a new one for my “second” home. This GW for different reason could be not up to date.
    Another scenario is, we have a big utility which has 2000 shops in Italy which are using our GW and app and all they can have installed different versions of api and webapp. They have a technician which is going from shop to shop, let us assume the technician have installed an old PWA and is going to maintain a newer GW, the PWA is updating out of the box. Now he is going to maintain an other router, where is installed another software and the PWA is updating again.

    So the question is, is a PWA a right chose for an WebAPP/application installed on a local device as a GW and distributed on different locations and not a global installed service on a cloud server?

  • Pepijn Olivier

    Where can I find / download an example of a progressive web app right now?

  • Herb Boeckenhaupt

    On the dumb site of a question: native apps reside on the device and allow access to it when there is no web connection, emulated via airplane mode.
    Now then, what happens to the PWA when the “lights go out?”
    We build native apps for critical emergencies that work just fine with no wifi, data, or internet connections.
    Can a PWA be set up do perform in the same “date blackout” manner?

    • Justin Willis

      Not a dumb question at all! The web platform has a relatively new api called Service worker. Service workers allow you to dynamically cache your PWA to the device, so that when the network is either flaky, or not available at all, that PWA will still be available to the user. As a simple demo, load up (which yes, is built with stencil haha), which uses as service worker on a laptop with chrome, firefox or opera, or on an Android device using chrome, firefox, samsung internet, opera etc , turn on Airplane mode and then reload the page. You will notice that even though your completely offline, you can still access the site.

      • Herb Boeckenhaupt

        This is the answer we were hoping for. Our app use has an absolute “MUST” that it accesses all 255 screens and PDF files when there are no connections. They are used under “worse case” emergency scenario conditions. Assuming you do not need to open each page to cache them; but that it caches the entire app. Will also explore Stencil as the possible build platform. Thanks and Regards.

      • Herb Boeckenhaupt

        Just did a quick test. Downloaded and bookmarked the site on iPhone 6+ and did not view any pages. Closed the browser and went into airplane mode. PWA opened to main page, but none of the menu links went to their targets, so it appears that the PWA screens did not cache beyond the opening page that was bookmarked. Did we do anything wrong?

      • Herb Boeckenhaupt

        Next test. Opened some pages from the menu, went back into airplane mode, reopened the PWA and those pages cached. The ones we did not open, still would not open, so “caching” seems to be a requirement by opening a page. Not what we were hoping for. [==]

    • Justin Willis

      And its worth mentioning that Safari is working on implementing service workers as we speak, so this will also work on iOS devices soon.

      • Herb Boeckenhaupt

        Thanks for that info. The “Service Workers” is a funny name in technology, given that is what they call hotel employees. LOLOLLLL But don’t suppose they will come clean the bedroom every morning!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthieu Drula

    As usual nice and clean post.
    PWA will certainly replace native apps in the upcoming years, however I’m worried about security issues.
    The first time I searched for a screen recorder for iOS I wasted some time because there was nothing on the app store.
    After taking a step back, I understood that those apps can be harmful if they are not reviewed. Since you have spent so much time on this topic, what do you think about this?
    Maybe a service should check that a PWA isn’t harmful or would it cost too much?

    • rAthus

      I believe PWAs will never have access to potentialy harmfull functions.

      • Matthieu Drula

        Never say never ;).

        • rAthus

          True, for long I thought Android would never allow an app to record screen and that we were doomed to use apps downloaded out of the store, always having a risk of a malicious app, but well on recent versions it has become possible!

  • JasonBarton

    I would like to bypass the apple and android app store but doesn’t apple “make it difficult” for you to add shortcuts to the phone desktop as they want you to go through the app store? Is there anything stopping us , or anything coming in the future, that will stop us from telling users to deploy are apps directly from our websites?

  • Anthony Farrior

    Finally wrote the post. I’m probably off the mark though. I welcome dialouge

  • Lloyd Williams

    As an Ionic PWA developer, I’d like to add that there is a downside to the ease of updates. You get woken up at 2am to change an image or fix some spelling mistake in the TOC, turn on your pc, switch to the production branch, make the change, deploy to staging, get confirmation, deploy to production, get confirmation, merge etc. This has been happening to me for about 6 months now and it is hell. Fortunately, the project is failing so it should be over soon, but from now on I am going to be very reluctant to do a PWA.

  • Nick Bistrov

    So when v4.0.0 ?

  • Rasin Bekkevold

    Well said that Progressive web apps bring a lot of advantages to the table for your business as you need not package your app for a particular platform. Moreover, it was great to know about a new Operations Support System “Stencil” which will be unveiled in Polymer Summit 2017 in the talk “Using Web Components in Ionic”. Here’s a blog which will be very useful if you want to build and deploy a PWA faster.

  • Pushpraj Singh Verma

    Great work !!
    Progressive web apps bring a lot of advantages to the table for your business as you need not package your app for a particular development platform. Thanks for sharing this informative post. It helps me a lot. Here is a blog which will be very useful if you want to build and deploy a PWA.