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  • J T

    Iam also looking to starting my app build on phonegap but was sceptical about the differences it poss as against the native in terms of performance and user interface.
    Since its an Adobe project, i fear too it will become obselete much like the out going adobe suite.

  • Aabharan

    I did a fair amount of experimentation with phone gap/Cordova a couple of years ago. What really killed me wasn’t so much perf as places where i want or need native UI.

  • Andreas

    I am looking for a developer who already uses ionic and he is intrested on experimenting on an excisting application which was developed only for android. The app is about weather and uses a pro weather api for the data shown plus other stuff that already exists or I would like to add. The point is that the budget is low! So, take this as your chance to earn some money (we can discuss this in private) and gain new experiences that this app developement will bring to your knowledge, plus that your name will be mention as the core developer of the app, at least in use with the the platforms of iOs and windows 8. That means that you will be able to use the app name also as a reference for your work! Just add me on skype and we can discuss about it. My skype name is mobilo.2013 and I am living in Athens Greece (gmt +2 )

  • Jesse

    I’ve built a couple of Hybrid apps, and while I certainly understand the desire for better-than-web-standard apis, the apps I’ve built also function as standard web apps because I avoid using Cordova plugins that define APIs that aren’t available in the browser. I’ve got absolutely no interest in debugging Obj-C or Java, which tends to be necessary when you use a lot of plugins. To me, Cordova is nothing but a shiv that gives Javascript access to features that native WebViews don’t yet supply.

    • Lexx YungCarter

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • Vijay Naidu

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  • David Land

    Really helpful, thanks you! This kind of historical context is always so hard to find in this industry so it’s really nice to have it all summarized so well in one place.

  • Onlineinterviewquestions

    I think,
    **Cordova** is an open source mobile development framework. It is used by the developers for building cross-platform mobile applications. It has a unique code base. Cordova can be developed with the help of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.
    **Ionic** is a framework which is a set of CSS classes and JavaScript library. It is built on the top of Cordova with the help of AngularJS.
    **PhoneGap** is an Adobe product. It is powered by Cordova (

  • Sunil Kumar

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    Thank you very much