Setting up up a hybrid app environment on a Windows machine can take multiple steps and be time-consuming and challenging for beginners. First, you need to go out and get Java, then NodeJS. Finally, you need to download the Android SDK. Once you’ve completed those steps, you need to manually add each one to your path. Thankfully, the Visual Studio team created the Tools for Apache Cordova package for VS2013 and built the package into VS2015, making it much easier to prepare your Windows machine to build hybrid apps. Let’s take a look at how we can use Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova in a hybrid app.

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  • Calebe Aires

    Waiting to a better support for Windows Phone/Universal

    • The Master

      Waiting is good, it sharpens the spirit !

  • Yan Borowski

    Fucking awesome!

  • ZeshanB

    That’s a lot of goodies

  • vincpa

    It doesn’t support the project structure of ionic so it doesn’t support debugging an ionic app within visual studio. All you can do is use it as an editor.

    • Mike Hartington

      Nope, it does support the ionic project structure. Was change between 2013 and 2015.

  • isware

    Tears, goodies!

  • wadep

    I’m very new to this technology, so got a bit of a nubie question… How do I include the files and folders into a VS2015 blank solution, once I have run ‘ionic start tmp’ from a cmd window?

    Do I create a blank VS2015 project and include all the tmp folder files?

    Any help appreciated.

    Regards, Paul

    • Mike Hartington

      Nope, you should be able to go to File>New> New project from existing code> then see a drop down for cordova. From there, just point to the directory and you should be good.

      • wadep

        Hi Mike,
        Thanks for getting back to me, but unfortunately it didn’t work.
        I created a new Ionic SideMenu project, but VS2015 just hangs when I try pointing to the newly created Ionic folder.

        FYI: I’m using VS2015 RTM Community

        Any help appreciated.

        Regards, Paul

        • Mike Hartington

          You may want to update the latest release. That was a known bug in RTM

          • wadep

            Hi Mike,

            What do you mean by ‘update the latest release’?

            I have downloaded and install VS2015 Community version as soon as it was released on 20th July. I thought this was the latest version.

            FYI: Here’s the website link I used to download and install VS2015 from

            Kind Regards, Paul

  • Gyum Fox

    I’m getting a “command not found” when I type in “cordova -v” in the command prompt (I’ve installed VS2015 Enterprise with Cordova (Update 1)). Anything else I need to do to setup my environment?

    • Mike Hartington

      This may have changed since the recording of the video. The cordova install will istall cordova for the VS2015, but you may still need to install a global version.

  • Marc Syp

    Is there a way to change my APK name in VS? My build is always called “MainActivity-debug.apk”… can’t find the configuration spot to change it.


  • Fiyaz Bin Hasan
  • Vijay Sasavadiya

    is it possible to develop windows app in ubuntu installed machine?

    I am developing android app using ionic framework (CLI) and now i also require to develop windows app for same application.

    i had installed java7, ionic, cordova, ant, nodejs to develop android app..
    for windows platform what i require…


  • augusto simbine

    I developed android app using ionic framework, and now im required to have same application in windows. How to begin? any links to follow up or quick answers please, its urgent