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  • Calebe Aires

    Waiting to a better support for Windows Phone/Universal

    • The Master

      Waiting is good, it sharpens the spirit !

  • Yan Borowski

    Fucking awesome!

  • ZeshanB

    That’s a lot of goodies

  • vincpa

    It doesn’t support the project structure of ionic so it doesn’t support debugging an ionic app within visual studio. All you can do is use it as an editor.

    • Mike Hartington

      Nope, it does support the ionic project structure. Was change between 2013 and 2015.

  • isware

    Tears, goodies!

  • wadep

    I’m very new to this technology, so got a bit of a nubie question… How do I include the files and folders into a VS2015 blank solution, once I have run ‘ionic start tmp’ from a cmd window?

    Do I create a blank VS2015 project and include all the tmp folder files?

    Any help appreciated.

    Regards, Paul

    • Mike Hartington

      Nope, you should be able to go to File>New> New project from existing code> then see a drop down for cordova. From there, just point to the directory and you should be good.

      • wadep

        Hi Mike,
        Thanks for getting back to me, but unfortunately it didn’t work.
        I created a new Ionic SideMenu project, but VS2015 just hangs when I try pointing to the newly created Ionic folder.

        FYI: I’m using VS2015 RTM Community

        Any help appreciated.

        Regards, Paul

        • Mike Hartington

          You may want to update the latest release. That was a known bug in RTM

          • wadep

            Hi Mike,

            What do you mean by ‘update the latest release’?

            I have downloaded and install VS2015 Community version as soon as it was released on 20th July. I thought this was the latest version.

            FYI: Here’s the website link I used to download and install VS2015 from

            Kind Regards, Paul

  • Gyum Fox

    I’m getting a “command not found” when I type in “cordova -v” in the command prompt (I’ve installed VS2015 Enterprise with Cordova (Update 1)). Anything else I need to do to setup my environment?

    • Mike Hartington

      This may have changed since the recording of the video. The cordova install will istall cordova for the VS2015, but you may still need to install a global version.

  • Marc Syp

    Is there a way to change my APK name in VS? My build is always called “MainActivity-debug.apk”… can’t find the configuration spot to change it.


  • Fiyaz Bin Hasan
  • Vijay Sasavadiya

    is it possible to develop windows app in ubuntu installed machine?

    I am developing android app using ionic framework (CLI) and now i also require to develop windows app for same application.

    i had installed java7, ionic, cordova, ant, nodejs to develop android app..
    for windows platform what i require…


  • augusto simbine

    I developed android app using ionic framework, and now im required to have same application in windows. How to begin? any links to follow up or quick answers please, its urgent