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  • Ryan Hamilton Schumacher

    For those like me who had used this before (or didn’t know) Cordova API support was added take note of the How it Works bit.

  • Vineeth Vijayan

    i cannot sync my apps through ionic view. Shows Sync FAILED : ERROR 200

  • vincpa

    Can users who do not have an ionic account view my application? I am a contractor and it would be great for quick feedback if I could just share my app with them.

  • Bernd L

    Would Ionic View also be available for Windows Phone?

  • Ed Mamerto

    keyboard plugin doesn’t seem to work in ionic view 🙁

  • Elham Sarikhani

    does ionic view supports inAppBrowser in iOS?

  • HAT.

    Amazing. Working just fine and smooth in iPhone 6.

  • HAT.


  • Kishan B

    Any timelines on ionic plugin requests here


  • Ian Poston

    Nicely done ionic team! It took me a while to realize I needed to download the app on a actual phone to see the view. No common sense on my part. But knowing this is new and there are probably some things that don’t fully work yet I am having a few issues. One is my app uses an api that has links that redirects to a src but then if I do click the link I’m stuck there and can’t get back to the app unless I close it and reopen. This feature was working on the emulator. And the images are not showing which are pulled from the api. This feature also worked on the emulator. Just wondering if this is the ionic view fault or I need to fix something. Thanks!

    • Mayank vora

      Same Issue for me.

  • A.B

    there is a problem with displaying ionic 2 app in the ionic view app.(its not appear at all!)
    any idea how we can solve this?

    • yesimahuman

      Can you email us? max AT ionic DOT io, we want to figure out what’s going on.

  • Dale Bailey

    Amazing, I did notice an issue with my ionic 2 app that uses inappbrowser itself to oAuth it seems to take over ionic view’s inappbrowser rather than nest it, will it be possible to use this kind of feature in the future?

  • Esteban G.

    It looks like there is an issue where the status bar cannot be disabled when testing an app for iOS?

  • T-Money

    With Ionic View, do I still need emulators?

  • Rajkiran Panuganti

    Can you please ship Ionic View for windows ‘DESKTOP’

  • Anthony Anci

    If I want to view my Apps on iOS Ionic View, do I have to add the iOS plugin on my Project?

  • Adrian Voicu

    I’m receiving this error when upload the app:

    Logged in! 🙂
    Uploading app…

    An error occurred uploading the build: SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

    SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
    at Object.parse (native)
    at IncomingMessage. (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/ionic/node_modules/ionic-app-lib/lib/upload.js:309:25)
    at emitNone (events.js:72:20)
    at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:166:7)
    at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:921:12)
    at nextTickCallbackWith2Args (node.js:442:9)
    at process._tickCallback (node.js:356:17)

    Unexpected token < (CLI v2.2.1)

    Your system information:

    Cordova CLI: 6.5.0
    Ionic CLI Version: 2.2.1
    Ionic App Lib Version: 2.2.0
    ios-deploy version: 1.8.6
    ios-sim version: 5.0.8
    OS: macOS Sierra
    Node Version: v4.5.0
    Xcode version: Xcode 8.2.1 Build version 8C1002

  • Jeremy Flowers

    Nah it’s not … Ionic View – for iOS is continuously dead! The bane of my Ionic Developer life!!!

  • Mit

    Since it uses the WebView, we’ll not be able to test the firebase google api am I correct?