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  • wilson108

    This would be a great thing to PR into the CLI for CLI-dependent applications so we don’t have to eject

  • Abu Nj

    is ionic framework integraed with stencil ?

    • Ken Sodemann

      The next major version release of the Ionic Framework (v4) will use components built using Stencil. That is, the core of Ionic (all of the components the you use to build an app) will be written using Stencil and there will be a smaller library which consists of a set of Angular specific stuff (services and whatnot), with the ultimate goal being that the Ionic Framework consists of almost entirely the component core with little or no code that is specific to any given framework making it easy to use Ionic with whatever framework is right for your application. That is the ultimate goal, though. Baby steps are required to get there.

      Does that answer your question? I wasn’t quite sure what you were asking.

      • Abu Nj

        yes, that is what i wanted to know, thank you for your time

      • Matteo Gilardoni

        Do you have an idea when you will do the next release? I wanted to use ionic but we use vuejs.

  • Rashid NK

    So , first we need to learn stencil well to prepare for development with ionic4 right

    • Ken Sodemann

      You will not need to know how to use Stencil in order to use Ionic v4. On the other hand it would be a cool thing to learn because web components.

  • Ken Sodemann

    For Angular CLI apps, a better way of doing this has been brought to our attention and we have documented it here:

    I highly suggest doing that instead of using this plugin. We will continue to evaluate if this plugin is useful in other instances or circumstances and improve it accordingly.