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  • Thiphariel

    Little typo on the stencil url (you add www. at the beginning) 🙂

  • Abu Nj

    use cases for stencil.js ?

    • Stefan Huber

      The big question for me is, if it might be possible to use react native with that…

      • Jan Piotrowski

        React yes, React Native will be a challenge.

      • Juan David Nicholls

        or with NativeScript?

      • Juan David Nicholls

        I don’t understand your question, React Native or NativeScript are other frameworks like Ionic, if you want to use React Native to create mobile apps, you don’t need Ionic…

      • dgregd

        React, the Native flavor, uses platform native controls (buttons, lists, etc.). Stencil creates Web components which are usable only inside browsers. So it will be possible to use the original React with Web components.

        The question is do you want to build an app which mostly runs inside WebView, or app with only logic inside WebView and with native controls UI.

        Having good enough Ionic Web components for mobile browsers, the answer is obvious if ones has to support iOS and Android. Till now all Web UI frameworks had some problems. Ionic 4 promises to solve the last problem I have with Web UI frameworks. And for me it is app startup time.

    • Jan Piotrowski

      As Dan wrote, stencil.js is used to build custom (web) components that will internally be used in Ionic Angular. talks a bit more about what you can do with it.

  • Gil Hildebrand


  • Nick Bistrov

    lets try ..

  • Vector

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Gregor Srdic

    great stuff, thanks!

  • Malkiat Singh

    having issue with deeplinks .. URL is not updating

  • Gypsy Soo

    Need some advice.
    I am running all my projects at ionic 2, if I following the “Upgrade Instructions”, I will be able to upgrade all my apps into this latest version?

    • Generic Comment

      You’ll have to perform the necessary changes from 2 to 3, but after that it should be easy.

      Upgrading to 3 can be a lot of work if you opt to lazy load all your pages, but can make your app load significantly faster.

      If you don’t lazy load, it’s mostly just a matter of adding a few angular 4 dependencies like http.

      • Gypsy Soo

        Thanks for your help.

  • Generic Comment

    Just to make life a bit easier for everyone:

    npm install -g [email protected]; npm install @ionic/[email protected] –save-dev; npm install –save [email protected] @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

  • Grant Slender

    What version of @ngx-translate (/core and /http-loader) do you recommend we upgrade to?

  • Criss Kimaryo

    need some advice , i want to perform a deeplink on a pwa and i cant get it done , is there a way to do that , please any help

  • 张晓刚

    it’s nice ,but i notice 3.7.1 is released today~

  • akash

    any update on environment variable configuration in ionic version 3.7.0 or ionic-app-scripts:3.0,
    because it looks like webpack config is updated with prod and dev property?

  • Pier

    hi, when do we have to expect to see ionic4 out?

  • Abu Nj

    new updates are ok, but the picture :


    Amazing platform with amazing team support

  • Diluk Angelo

    Production builds sometimes doesnt build 3rd party components stylesheets

  • Christian Bonato

    “Ultimately, this refactor will make Ionic framework agnostic”.
    Does this mean one will be able to use vue.js instead of Angular?

  • Andre Arsenault

    I also needed to update @angular/animations otherwise I got build errors:

    npm install @angular/[email protected] –save

  • Feeling Lazy

    That image ….