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  • Matt

    This is very unfortunate news, Apple is just the worst with their moving targets. I had a social networking app rejected because a user had created a group with the word “test” in the name. The review process always seems to be a gamble at best :/

  • AvivCallander

    Will this also affect apps that have the push updates feature?

    • yesimahuman

      No, Apple explicitly allows this functionality in 4.7 for apps that perform updates using WebKit (or JavaScriptCore), which is how this functionality is implemented, as long as the app maintains its expressed functionality. Both Deploy and Microsoft’s CodePush work this way. See the guidelines here:

  • Phil

    Unfortunately this is the norm for Apple. They want everyone to stay within their own ecosystem and use their testing app TestFlight.

  • Scott Bolinger

    That sucks. We have a developer testing app in the store too, we’ll see if they take it down.

  • PG Apps

    That’s why I hate Apple and its burocracy. They always take more time than the rest of the world to implement industry standards and you have to pay to publish in their store. They are so special…

  • davidgeller

    This happened years ago with Titanium – though they didn’t have a specific testing app. They were, at the time, even questioning the whole notion of Javascript apps. It’s very unfortunate. They clearly don’t have a consistent policy here and I’d argue that a vast number of sophisticated games are shells for things built on Unity and other platforms and go against Apple’s policies on loading code. Also, Apple’s own learning app for Swift would appear to break their own rules. These are the VERY SPECIFIC reasons why I so enjoy building PWAs with Ionic. I’m tired of the App Store hassle.

  • davidgeller

    I’d recommend you reach out to your local representatives and state Senators and see if they’re interested in exploring this deeper, on your behalf.

  • Jesse

    Thank you for sharing this Max.
    I think this is an unfortunate misstep by Apple, they seem to be doing this a lot lately.
    Ultimately any browser would appear to break this rule as defined.

  • Sam

    Any update on this. When can we expect a way out on this. I have built a new app, yet to share with users.

    • yesimahuman

      No update. Still trying to work with Apple but it’s slow going and opaque.

  • Corey Roth

    What about open sourcing the entire app and posting the code to GitHub and let people just download it and deploy it to their devices on their own.

  • Jaime Lossada

    How is this going? Any news?

  • Jay Jungalwala

    Any update on this? Not having Ionic View support for iOS is a HUGE drawback — we can’t launch new version of our app until this is resolved.