Something we don’t talk enough about at Ionic is how important it is that Ionic is 100% focused on standard web technology. Some thoughts on why that matters:

To sum it up:

By being based on standard web technology, Ionic (and Ionic 4 in particular):

  • Will run for decades to come as web standards endure for a long time
  • Doesn’t require making a major bet on a new, unproven platform because it’s based on sound, stable web standards
  • Can be used by any web developer with standard web development skills
  • Works on mobile, installed desktop, and the web (Progressive Web Apps anyone?) with full code “sharing” because you’re just targeting the web platform!
  • Can take advantage of major new distribution channels such as Progressive Web Apps that are transforming businesses
  • Will work with all existing web libraries, frameworks, and widgets, preventing your team from being siloed off from the largest platform of shared libraries and utilities in the world.

So, yea, we’re pretty proud of being the Web Native leader and with our latest efforts to move Ionic Framework to Web Components, our investment in the web is just getting started.

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