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  • Lars Andersson

    Thank you for this info Love this cards

  • Anand Gurnani

    Hello, I am a complete Novice. However I have downloaded Ionic and followed some tutorials. I downloded all the files from git hub, i even sourced this code from codepen and I included all the html code in index.html (inside www), I copied the javascript into app.js and I copied the css into the style.css . I installed the ion via bower. Yet, when I call for the index page to be served, all I see is the title and the like dislike (yay, nope) but no images. I copied the images into the image library, I tried giving full url of images inside the js file, but nothing is working. 🙁

    • Anand Gurnani

      Ok I have subscribed to thinkster for their tutorials and some things are beginnning to work

  • Chechs

    Does it have a function that I can call instead of swiping? Foe example, to provide an alternative way for swiping like Tinder ‘cross’ and ‘heart’ buttons that are respectively used to swipe left and right.