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  • Mike Lallemont

    I’ve been developing with the Ionic framework since early version 1 betas and have seen it come a long way. As a freelance consultant, I have also seen an increasing demand for Enterprise development with the framework. The team at Ionic has addressed a lot of areas that are of particular interest to Enterprises, such as modularity, deep linking, PWA and platform services. It will be even better when they include integrated testing, environment configurations, logging and support for lazy loading modules by feature instead of by page. All of that said, this is the best framework and set of tools to develop apps with one code base that runs on all major platforms.

    • Andrew Haire

      Glad to hear it Mike! And thanks for the feedback!

  • Alex

    I do believe in Ionic feature and so far am happy I’ve chosen it for my pet project but there is 1 moment you guys need to address – number of unclosed issues & pending pull requests.

    I understand the rush & desire to work with latest technologies and to bring new features but it is really frustrating to see how many bugs that affect basic functionality stay open for months. Like keyboard issues, navigation (especially PWA & url syncing), etc.

    People submit pull requests and they stay open for months. It would really encourage if Ionic team dedicate some more efforts for working with community. It’s OK do not accept pull-requests but it would be cool if it’s either merged or rejected or somehow addressed.

    I believe developers community would really appreciate if from time to time you dedicate a sprint (2 weeks?) for bug fixing & pull requests cleaning only.

    Anyway thanks for this promising and beautiful framework.

    • Ben Dean

      Hey Alex,

      We’re glad you’ve chosen Ionic for

      Issues are PRs are something we’ve been talking about a lot on the framework team. We all agree that issues and PRs take too long to look at, and we’re working on improving that. Part of that comes in having some more community members who can help us triage by testing and helping organize the issues. We think that having more eyes (other than ours) looking at things will really help speed the process up.

      Is there a specific issue or PR you would like to discuss?

      Using this 3rd party Github Issue/PR Statistic tool, you can see the vast majority of Issues/PRs are closed within 90 days:

      Of our 57 open PRs, only 17 are open from last year (and all of those either have conflicts which need resolved, or they are failing to pass CI testing). Our engineers are actively reviewing PRs. We take great care reviewing and testing of the PRs we merge because changes impact our entire community. What would you like to see us do differently as it relates to how we handle Pull Requests please?

      Of our 701 open Issues, almost every Issue has a comment, label, or response from an Ionic engineer. What would you like to see us do differently as it relates to the issues please?

      In regards to the issues you’ve mentioned, we’re addressing these actually in this sprint!
      For instance, here we have a pull request to fix many of the keyboard issues across the framework. This PR has massive implications if done incorrectly, so much time and thought is required for this to be successful:

      We understand your concerns, and we’re working hard (every day) to address them!

      • Alex

        Hey @disqus_Cx6WiZIGIX:disqus , thanks for reply.

        I understand that managing open source community of this size is a huge challenge. We do know that Ionic team does care and is taking actions. The only problem as I see it is visibility.

        How this can be improved?

        As per se I do not care about percentage of the closed issues/PRs. I mostly care about 4 things:

        1) What has been fixe/delivered in last release? Ionic team do excellent job on this!

        2) What going to be fixed/delivered in next release?

        3) When I can expect an issue I’m interested in to be released/fixed?

        4) What are priorities of the team? (so I can plan my work based on this)

        Communications on last 2 are not great at the moment. For example you says that work on keyboard issues are WIP on full speed. This is great! But how do I know that by watching issues tracker? This is a ticket that was updated by Ionic team member 2 weeks ago but this update has no information on is it WIP or not and there is no ETA. Or DeepLinks for examples – there is quite a lot of issues since year 2016 and new coming all the time. So far I do not understand if it is treated seriously (it is affect web apps a lot) and if yes what are the priorities.

        It’s pity as previously it was much better. Till 2.0 release and a bit after you had milestones for each beta with issues linked. Not anymore.

        So few simple things could improve perception a lot:

        1) Bring back milestones and planning for at lest 2-3 sprints. It does help to plan on our side and brings some peace of mind.

        2) Give information on what are you working on an why. I see Adam is working on v4 and web components. Great, but why it is more important than keyboard or DeepLinker issues? Some insights would be a relieve and very much appreciated.

        3) Label issue with components labels (PWA, keyboard, etc) and assign them to milestones.

        4) Regularly update issue with single line comment like “wip, postponed for 2 sprints, etc”.

        This is not easy to do but could help a lot from public relations point of view.