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  • Albert Sanchez

    Hey guys check this out! 😀

  • Victor

    I saw your video on the web… So on summary, holos is a interface that can run many apps, potentially made with ionic, and let you interact with them rearranging at will, right? Also, could it support VR apps (like those used for cardboard) inside?

    • Tyler Waite

      Definitely, you nailed it on the head. We’ve tested out some Ionic apps in holos and they work surprisingly well; some of the mobile UI interactions would have to be rethought though. We are currently implementing application switching to native VR apps as well.

      Co-Founder, turingVR

  • Arıl Bozoluk

    Actually, developers can access to CRYENGINE source code:

    • Tyler Waite

      Good catch; this article was written just before they open-sourced CryENGINE. Yay open-source!