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  • John Farrar

    So, will AppPresser and Ionic be combining to replace Creator for Ionic 2 apps?

    • aluknot

      mmmm I doubt it, they are different tools, Creator is freemium, but the important thing is that AppPresser need WordPress.

  • Idrish Khan

    @Scott: Angular will prevent the iframe from being loaded for security reasons. How appPresser allow these

    as per my knowledge Apple wont allowed iframe application, please correct me if i am wrong

    Please suggest
    @Mike and @adam

    • Scott Bolinger

      Hi, there is no problem loading an iFrame with Ionic 2. The only issue I’ve come across is that we have to use bypassSecurityTrustResourceUrl for the iframe src url when loading it dynamically.

      Apple definitely allows iFrames, we’ve been submitting apps with iFrames to the app store for years with no issues.

      • yesimahuman

        Yep, just to add to this. Apple absolutely allows iframes. What they don’t want is you just iframe’ing your website and calling that an app, without creating an app style UI. That has nothing to do with Ionic, Angular, or AppPresser.

  • Julien Renaux

    Hi @scottbolinger:disqus WP-API-ANGULAR lib that we used for Ionic1 projects also exists for Ionic2 It is way easier to fetch data from WP 😉

    • Delroy Finesse

      Nice, seems you guys are having an issue with the authentication part as well.

  • globalepub

    Amazing! How to offline ionic 2 wordpress apps?

  • jenkins456354

    Very nice article and i think as a programmer we need to try this again again. For more learn about word press and Iconic2 this post is so more helpful for us and we enjoy this content.

  • dawesi

    I’d be using rather than for mobile

  • Malik Shahzad Ahmad

    A Question? Say I am a user of wordpress blog app. I have read few posts and now don’t want those in my list anymore which means I want to delete these but not from the server (only from my phone app) so other user may not be in can I achieve this. Thanks for your work Scott.

  • Prateek Surana

    can we use it with ionic1