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  • Rashid NK

    sorry to say that ionic2 app performance is very bad on device,slow boot time, even the development become harder when compared with ionic1, the main problem is the framework depend on angular2. but now very happy to hear from you that ionic will be an independent framework, developers will be able to use ionic with any other library, like vuejs, i think most of the problems can be avoided with upcoming versions

  • Dave

    Ionic 2 is great but let’s not kid ourselves: it’s nowhere near native in performance or feel. There are also many outstanding framework bugs that simply shouldn’t be an issue in something that is called production ready. So many workarounds are necessary just to get basic things to work well, just take a look at all the navigation and VirtualScroll issues for example.

    In addition, despite the nice wrappers in Ionic Native, they still depend on third party cordova plugins, some completely abandoned by the developer and which have major bugs. For example, the PhotoViewer (which is listed in Ionic Native) cannot handle Base64 data over 200k, it simply crashes. That’s a show stopper for using it in production. Many more examples to be found. I should stress that this is not the Ionic team’s fault, but to deliver a ‘native’ capability, the plugins need to be more curated and devs need to be allocated to maintain them I feel.

    Keep up the good work guys, there’s still a long way to go and I’m still choosing Ionic 2 to build my apps because it’s a solid platform that I enjoy working with. Thanks.

    • Rashid NK

      I dint blame ionic team for the issues, i love this framework as this is the one which made me a mobile app developer, wht i was trying express is it will be good to have ionic web components to be used with other libraries not only angular, like framework7, the team has alredy started stripping it out of angular