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  • Mike Strawhat

    Great progress Ionic team. I’m looking forward to the next release.

  • Rodrigo Fernández

    Great article! Full tree shaking and code splitting will be a super speed boost. Looking forward to it.

  • a n onymous

    Is all the “code splitting, treeshaking, and property renaming” necessary because using a monolithic framework like Angular 2 is, out of the box, mutually incompatible with making a Progressive Web App?

  • Holla

    I think it would be great to have a out of the box database as a service solution form with full pwa support and nicely integrated into ionic!
    Ionic could do all the magic by choosing the best sync and storage option based on the platform and enable offline database support based on the browser or platform.

    • Holla

      Wow just heard about IonicDB! Hopefully it will have full pwa supprt:

  • Deepak Gupta

    Great article – it’s so in-depth and useful. Just to make one thing clear, Thanks for sharing a valuable post about progressive web apps.