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  • giorgiofellipe

    What a nice feature ?

  • Manu Martinez-Almeida

    Here’s a quick video showing our demo “conference app” as a universal app!

  • brandecho

    Currently working on project using Ionic ver1. If we upgrade Ionic to ver2 using npm install, will Ionic version 1 code still work?

  • Felipe M Andrada

    Very nice!

  • Daniel Marc Ehrhardt
  • Dan Jesus

    Nice job!

  • Tom McLellan

    Nice!!! Excited to give it a try

  • Jiyuu

    Nice to see new features dedicated to tablets (!) and desktops!
    Is it possible to manage an app menu + this new split pane view? (which a final result that would behave like that:

    Thanks for your hard work!

    • Manu Martinez-Almeida

      Of course, but we still have to figure out how we can make it easy by adding some assistance in NavController. That’s why we ask you developers to play with it, what things are working, and which ones are not.

      • Jiyuu

        Okay I’ll try to test it during the weekend. Our app uses Ionic 1, I’ve never played with Ionic 2 yet.

  • Wouter van Lent

    Amazing Manu! Thanks a lot!

  • tiptronic

    Has this a hard dependency on Angular?

    • Manu Martinez-Almeida

      what do you mean?

  • tiptronic

    Anyway – great stuff! Thanks for making that!

  • inkout

    What calendar do you use in gif?

    • Anil Kaushik

      Its the new ” DateTime picker” of ionic 2. First you should read the ionic 2 docs.

  • Razaleigh Wiseman

    Great!! This will great in progressive web app

  • Lukas

    This looks awesome, I was already annoyed because it’s hard to use a wide screen.
    Is it possible to push page to different navcontrollers?
    like som things open in the side panel and some in the main are. I’d love that

    • Manu Martinez-Almeida

      absolutely, you can have as many ion-nav as you need!

      • Lukas

        But how do I get one back, injecting doesn’t let me choose

        • jordiigarciaa

          see my comment, i got it!

        • Peter Poulsen

          @disqus_p8xKH5W6z3:disqus – did you find a solution for this? @jordiigarciaa:disqus – I have read your other comment. Could you please include more details on how to make this work.

      • jordiigarciaa

        How to use them?

  • Oskar Gembalski

    Great feature! I was waiting for it! Is there any way to hide menu (panel) on big screens – I need it on login page.
    this.menuCtrl.enable(false); doesn’t work….

  • Aofzide Csiperos

    Cool!!! How can I test it?

  • Paulo Mateus

    Hello, is there anything like android fragments?

    • Jiyuu

      +1 for this
      I think it behaves almost as android fragments, the difference is that on an handset, items will be displayed in a side menu (unfortunatly). Am I right @manumartinezalmeida:disqus?

      • Julio Cesar Rodrigues

        It is fine!


    Amazing job!
    Exactly what i wanted!!!

  • Rob Louie

    Thank you for this! Only critique is that the max width for the side menu is set to a percentage. Generally side menus like that are a fixed width once opened. It’s obviously easy to just override with scss, but a fixed option that made use of the $menu-width ionic variable would be awesome! Thanks again.

  • Rob Louie

    Also, looks like your side menu isn’t getting the margin applied to it’s content to compensate for the header like we get with the regular side menu:

  • raffaelnep
    • lshoobridge

      Hello how are you? I would like to know how you did to style the menu.
      I was trying to style it in the app.scss, but it does not take the changes.
      I want to know what class concatenation I have to use:

      Example: .content, .content-md, etc to be able to style it?
      How do I do it and in what file do I do it?

      From already thank you very much!

    • Rhon Cedrick

      Hi , can you help me to develop the split pane and customize it?

      thanks and advance 🙂

  • Kev

    Can you share the source of the sample you programmed? I’d love to take a look at it.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Lukas

    It would be very nice to get a new nightly that allows updating to 2.1 while keeping the split panel

  • Rob Louie

    Can anyone explain how to make panel 1 trigger a navigation in panel 2? I tried using ViewChilds in my app.component to grab both child navs and store them in a service. But that seems real shady, and there doesn’t seem to be a good way to wait until the page is loaded to store them.

  • GHir

    is it possible to add the split pane with the new ionic 2 grid system?

  • jordiigarciaa

    Awesome. But… how can I push page to main content inside sidenav component?


  • And Gordy

    There are some similar questions here already, but no clear answer (or a guess, at least).

    Is it possible to implement proper split view using Split Pane? So the main view on smaller screens appears as left pane on larger screens (think Apple’s Mail or Notes apps, any messenger, any to-do list app, etc):