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  • Alejandro Rangel

    I am using Ionic as teaching tool. It is just great!

  • Raisen Espinosa

    Today is the first day I’ve encountered Ionic by studying PhoneGap. Found this after searching if there’s an existing Splash and Icon generator for PhoneGap. It seems interesting, so I read more about it and progressing.

    Question, is there a “Start-up” guide for free?

    • Pepe Trump

      There are lots of blogs out there that offer a lot of wonderful tutorials on how to do simple stuff. The documentation is also well written and easy to dive into. I would reccomend learning AngularJS first, which CodeSchool has a wonderful interactive tutorial for that,

    • Fredy George Gadotti

      Try this:
      There is a lot of tutorials where you can try and become more comfortable using Ionic 🙂

      • Didier

        Great url Fredy, thank you for share!

      • Raisen Espinosa

        Wow, goosebumps. I want a reliable source so I don’t get stucked to unfinished and hard to comprehend tutorials. Thanks for this!