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  • Sam Bryfczynski

    So when can we use this for our own apps?

  • Marcin Wiatr

    Well done Ionic team, this sounds wonderful and ensures we get quality releases! Is this a tool that is to remain internal, or are you planning on releasing it to the public at some point?

  • Noah Prail

    That would be awesome if we could use this!

  • Toke Refstrup

    Cool. Like everyone else I would love to be able to use this tool on my own projects…..

  • forextor

    Since you have tell us about this… thee wilt releaseth this as open source!

  • Luis

    So… When will it be opensource?

  • Rafael Fidelis

    Thats a great tool! I would use in my own apps if this is open sourced!

  • Josh Buchea

    Very cool. Would be an awesome open source project. Not like you guys are busy with any other open source projects, right? (lol)