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  • Marco

    Today i tried Analytics. It was specially for error logging, but not only. Honestly I didn’t find it mature yet:

    – No possibility to select a single row to see all the data associated
    – Pulse function need an option to select time range.
    – No automatic expection and $log.error tracking. (i used a decorator where i set in the global window var the log data and the in the i triggered the track function).

    At the end i tried loggly and for now i found it more comfortable, also the angular module has default decorator for $log and errors. The UI is also a lot better.

  • Kirti Sharma

    Is there any library or api to build fitness app in which workout , timer , notification , calculate calories included thanks.

  • Luke

    I have an active session, but when I hit sign in on, I get a 500 error. FYI.

  • Pablo Ivan G. Soto

    It appears you abandoned the Angular 2 series, that series got stuck in the components section, you promised, more on data binding yet to come…that was months ago.