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  • Matheus

    I always get excited with posts about that. Most of the apps that I build doesn’t really need to be a app in a store. So, PWA’s will be huge. However, it’s sad to never see any mention about Safari/Webkit current status on this. Any news about it?

    • srinivasan R

      safari 10 supports

  • Brock Ellis

    For push notifications, will the inclusion of service workers just enable PWAs to receive them? Or will packaged, native apps be able to leverage them as well in place of something like OneSignal?

    • Moises Valera

      I’m asking exactly the same, hope an answer asap.

  • Prashant Khodade

    Have used sw-precache to generate service worker with Ionic project and integration with gulp was straightforward. Could get Ionic project with SW support within hours. I was expecting Ionic might also use sw-precache and sw-toolbox but then I looked at ionic-pwa-demos/ionicHN and found that its using @angular/service-worker. Is there benefit using @angular/service-worker instead of sw-precache?


    Services Workers (and Progressive Web Apps) are a great mechanism to enable Web Push Notifications, and used internally by a platform like ours. We hope Edge (new version of IE) will join the bandwagon soon, and then all the browsers will have support for Web Push Notifications.

  • Afeez Aziz


    Sorry for a noob question, how can I actually use SW in Ionic 2?