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  • Eduardo Blumenfeld

    Is Ionic Creator creating ionic 2.0 code at the present time?

    • bandito


      • Daniel Martin

        Is there an estimate of when Creator will be using ionic 2.0?

        • Matt Kremer

          Right now, our primary focus with Creator is to make it as user friendly and customizable as possible with the very stable Ionic V1.

          That being said we are VERY excited to integrate Ionic V2 into Creator once it is ready, as it will allow Creator to do some cool new things. Just no ETA right now.

  • Fábio Rogério SJ

    Hello, I would like to report my opinion.

    I like the idea of Ionic Creator, however I think it is still incomplete for the purpose of creating APPVIEW.

    My development flow is to create the app layout (PNG) and after validated I can sell it and start developing.

    Why incomplete?

    – I can not create headers with buttons;
    – I can not customize much css components;
    – I can not customize the CSS in general.

    Overall I can not create more complex interfaces and this can weaken my power sales because customers today are more demanding and “smart”.

    Attached is one of my simple layouts and if it were possible to create it in the Ionic Creator oh yes he would help me sell my apps much easier.

    For as Matt said, it is easier to sell the car showing physically than online!

    “Just my option of the product”

    Ionic is <3

  • fishme2k

    I like the idea from the creator, but without Ionic 2.x it makes for me no sense.

  • Sandor Rozsa

    Hey Guys, i love the way Ionic Creator is evolving. I was very surprised (positively) to see that you have made now a tablet preview in IC. This is great. I just would like to encourage you to give us more and more-complex components like cards, swipeboxes, grids for some more sophisticated layouts etc. An of course I would throw away a lot of prototyping software here if i would see a complete list of the Polymer Elements (or the respective Ionic elements) in the left bar 😉

    Are you planning to do also some designer-centric backend integration as you already done that in the past for one of your products?

    Keep up the fantastic work you are doing!

  • Valerio Barbera

    Fantastic presentation! You should go out this article in facebook ads to impact a lot of people with this fantastic presentation! 😉