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  • André Miranda

    Awesome! You guys at Driftyco rock!

  • giorgiofellipe

    Push schedule is an amazing feature! Thanks. Keep rocking.

  • weaeaw

    It is possible to set custom icon for my notifications?

  • therealjamesg

    Awesome to see such rapid iteration. Suggestion for future docs: real world REST API JS examples 🙂

    • Ben Sperry

      We’ve got some started here!

      • therealjamesg

        Nice 🙂 I’m going to try and twin that with Parse’s Cloud Code (so I don’t expose private keys) to see how it compares to Parse’s push solution.

  • Ulumuddin Cahyadi Yunus

    Awesome !!!

  • ranpa

    Awesome! I’m impressed how you guys are making things even better so fast! Congratulations and thank you very much!

  • karry
  • Jeremy

    Is the plugin phonegap-plugin-push ready ?

  • Dario Salvi

    last time I tried it, it did not work on iOS deployed apps, I hope you fix it soon

  • Mamta Swaroop Sharan

    I cud do this for App on my Android device.
    Does this not work with apps in Ionic View?
    Is there any other way to send notifications to apps on Ionic View?