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  • Nkansah Rexford

    It’s amazing to see Ionic digging for PWAs yet, Ionic itself isn’t primetime for real and serious PWAs. Cross-mobile apps? Great. PWAs? Nope.

    Using Angular 4 (then to 5) for my PWAs and the experience is tastier than the sour experience Ionic 3 gave me, with happy results.

    Still room for improvement, but over 6x better than what Ionic PWA offered.

    • yesimahuman

      That’s the entire reason we’re working on Ionic 4 (release slated early next year). We know Ionic 3 today isn’t fast enough for PWAs, but the next release is going to completely change that and make Ionic one of the fastest options for PWAs out there (that also comes with a full UI library!).

      We’re transitioning from only focusing on app store apps to doing both app store and web, and that transition isn’t quite done yet. A big part of our marketing is preparing for that future and educating developers on what PWAs are and why they matter.

      • Nkansah Rexford

        All the best then. I was happy with Ionic for cross-mobile apps. No questions asked in that department. I only got frustrated using it for PWAs.

        Glad to know there’s a lifeline along the line. Will be happy to try the upcoming 4 release. I don’t know what Ionic’s plan is, but I hope there’s a separate dedicated Ionic for PWAs, as the Ionic for apps is way overkill for the web.

        Will be happy to try the 4 for my next projects, assuming it checks all the boxes for me.

  • Lalo RR

    No doubt the PWA will become a standard, and future of Apps. Fortunately, we have great Ionic πŸ™‚

  • William Vega

    I would like to ask you guys if ionic 4 will also support electron in an easier way. Also tutorials in how to develop electron apps with the New Ionic 4 would be awesome. I have already reserved two weeks in my schedule to master Ionic4 as soon as it is out (hopefully sometime in January), I am totally devoted to this platform that I love, as today I don’t see a better way to create a truly universal app that you code once and run anywhere than Ionic. I had to say this, Ionic is awesome, and if the slowliness in the platform is corrected for PWAs and building for electron becomes easier, there won’t be a better cross platform solution that I know in the entire world. Thanks for creating Ionic and happy new year!

  • priya Eeranagula


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