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  • Juan David Nicholls

    Is possible use this like tooltip to inputs? 😀 Thanks for all!

    • WiL T

      hi Juan, did you find a solution to this? I tried applying the platform-ios class to the ion-popover-view element, but the positioning breaks when on android.

  • Hitin

    Is it possible to use it in sorting? For example I have a view to show products and then I can sort it using one of the option inside popover??

  • Tanna

    Has this been implemented in Ionic 2?

  • Richard
  • George Tzinos
  • Ganesh Kumar

    how can i set popover style like in ios for all platform?

    • Ashot Petrosyan


  • Andrew Kucheruk

    How can i change opacity for popover backdroop?