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  • Simon Hill

    Does anyone know what other ng-cordova plugins may be affected?

    • Tim Lancina

      I’m not aware of any other plugins using private APIs, so as far as I know they should all be fine.

  • Jeff Boothe

    Along with uninstalling and re-installing, should this line be removed from startup code:


    • technotip

      No. You need not remove that line.

  • marc

    If you redesign your plugin, could you please make the new calls be more detailed? like not only showing and hiding the whole bar, but also changing the active options (eg. tab yes/no) and changing the whole style of the keyboard (numeric, text, “action-button-styl” etc.). that would be great because the keyboard does not really behave very native at the moment. if now also the bar can´t be hidden anymore… anyway, thanks for your good work!

  • Alejandro

    In our case, we are using :
    because without that line of code, the tag doesn’t display the ‘Done’.

  • Mark Shust
  • Han Seung Lee

    So is there no solution to remove keyboard accessory bar now? because I’v used cordova.plugins.Keyboard.hideKeyboardAccessoryBar(true); this code and my ionic app needs some function to hide keyboard accessory bar.

  • Love Panchal

    is there any way to have hash tag on keyboard directly just like twitter have