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  • Lasse Boisen Andersen

    Exciting! Will it support third party analytics services too? Ala, but built for Angular?

  • Simon Taylor

    All these products are great and I am adding them to a beta version of my app. So much so that I a becoming to rely on them! I am VERY worried that there is going to be a Price Structure announced that is going to be completely unviable! Please, Please can you announce some pricing!

    • Alexandre Rocha

      I agree with you. It’s important to know the price table as soon as possible.

    • Gaurav Chandra

      exactly the reason why i am not using these even though these services are awesome.

    • Elindor


    • a7medo778


    • Ben Sperry

      Simon, first of all, I’m glad you’re loving the services so far! 🙂 Second, thank you for expressing your concern about pricing. I totally get that, and we just published a new post talking more in depth about our plans for it here:

      tldr: Our pricing structure will be similarly priced to other similar products on the market. Billing will be on a per/app basis. We will have a free/dev tier for every service. We only want to make money if your app is also successful.

  • astroanu

    Please make an advertising plugin. Still there is no proper plugin out there.

    • Andy

      What about this one: ? I’m using it and it is working great with my ionic app

      • astroanu

        the thing with most of these plugins is that they are not compatible with each other. One plugin uses a different version of google play store api and another used some old version making it really hard to match version. the only working monetizing and analytic are the appfeel plugins as i know. There needs to be a proper suite of plugins that are compatible with each other.

    • Ben Sperry

      That’s something we’ve looked into a bit here already. No final decision yet, but it’s definitely interesting…

  • juarezpaf

    Incredible how Ionic environment is growing fast. Congratulations guys!
    I’m very excited to test it combined with Google Analytics 😀

  • G_Hz

    How does the ionic analytics dashboard look like ? Can you post some screenshots that highlights the features ? (search, charts, filters, order controls,…)

    • G_Hz


  • Yoh Okuno

    Cool! Does this store data in offline situation and send to the server when returned to online?

  • Jo Bo

    It seems that every time I try to add ionic analytics to my existing ionic app, I end up breaking sommat when I run this line in the CLI

    ionic add ionic-platform-web-client

    This breaks it so bad that I cannot even undo the code changes and re run. I have to reinstall the entire project from an archive. I am using an Android Samsung device developing on a windows PC.

  • ਸੰਦੀਪ ਸਿੰਘ

    Hello all, Please tell me one thing. I have one app and for tracking data of that app. I had installed google analytics for that. But its been 3 days from now, analaytics don’t show me any data. Even on Real traffic. Please let me know what is the problem and how can I resolve this issue. Or Please tell me on thing “Is Ionic framework don’t support Google Analytic”?

    Please help me in this.
    Thanks in Advance!

  • arindambarman

    Is Ionic Analytics contributable? I’m liking it very much but there are certain needs which the current system is not able to address. Would like to know more on this.

  • Shubham Khandelwal

    Is their anyway to retrieve data from ionic analytics ?

  • Max Demian

    What happened to Ionic Analytics? It doesn’t seem to be part of Ionic Pro.
    Which is the best analytics solution for Ionic2 nowadays?