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  • shine

    Great Tutorial! thank you!

  • Daniel Marc Ehrhardt


  • Graciele E. Victor

    the code for home.ts presented here is not in it final version..

    for those who are trying to replicate this tutorial should remember to add the methods (load, addTodo, toggleComplete and deleteTodo) before commiting..

  • Marcin Gościcki

    import 'rxjs/Rx'; is missing in `todo-service.ts`. Also the first line should be a comment.

    • jplwood

      Whoops, we’d updated the todo-service.ts in part 2 and missed this one. Thanks!

  • Waheed Odubayo

    Hi Justin, I am able to view the list of todos on the node server port: 8080 but not in the ionic app itself, which is running on port 8100 (which might be the reason also the todos won’t show up on my android dev device). Other than that , this is a nice tutorial

  • Jane Obligacion

    Hi Justin. Thanks for this. It was super helpful!
    What if I wanted to add a couple more properties to the todo item, such as ‘due date’ or ‘category’? Do I have to do an ngModel or can I leave most of the code as is?

  • Mauricio Marchant

    This is great! Can you add a local replication when the device has not network?

  • Jhan Rey Gonzales

    Is the source code uploaded somewhere? I wanna have the source. Thanks