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  • writingonlife


    I don’t not have an app folder in my project. Is that something I need to create, or is it supposed to be there already?


    • Graciele E. Victor

      did you follow the first post completely? when you create an Ionic app you get this automatically..

  • Graciele E. Victor

    Hi Justin,

    there is a minor typo in the code:

    // todo-service.ts
    import {Injectable} from ‘@angular/core’;
    import {Http, Headers} from ‘@angular/http’;
    import {Observable} from ‘rxjs/Observable’;
    Import ‘rxjs/Rx’;
    import {Todo} from ‘../../todo.ts’;

    *** Import ‘rxjs/Rx’ is written with capital I… Import ***

  • Graciele E. Victor

    Hi Justin,

    can’t run the code.. getting Cannot read property ‘visitStatement’ of undefined error.

    I think it’s due to the empty clicks.. because when I comment them it runs..

    any idea on why that happens?

    • Marcin Gościcki

      Same here :/

    • mixersoft
    • jplwood

      Yea, Apologies, the tutorial was originally intended to be done in a single go, if you go to Part 3, you’ll put function calls for each event in there and get rid of that error. I will see if we can make an edit to have empty `return`s for the events for the end of part two of this series.

      • Evert S.

        thanks for the update, but you forgot the (ionSwipe) eventbindings,
        it worked after I also changed those to (ionSwipe)=”return;”

  • Juan Vargas Murillo

    Hi Justin,

    Will you be updating this tutorial to resolve issues dealing with different project structures?

  • Nahuel

    I just had to make the following adjustments to this guide, otherwise it wouldn’t work:
    – Adjust the files folders to the new structure created by the Ionic CLI.
    – Remove the “.ts” from the path of the Todo object in all the files where importing it.
    – Add the (ionSwipe)=”return;” to (ionSwipe)=””, like evert_s suggested.
    – Add the HttpModule both in the top imports and inside the Imports array of @NgModule, as Ionic 3+ does not have that by default.
    Then, it worked perfectly! Thank you very much for your guide!