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  • Miguel Carrasco Q.

    thanks for the good explanation!

  • Yen Jacobs

    Lifecycle Events should also be added to segments. I need to initialize a map component in a segment when a segment is loaded (so not on the change segment event, it’s to early). Any suggestion?

  • Manish Oswal

    post 2.3.0 i am not able to access nav params in ionicViewDidLoad. The html throws error if any parameter used in it

  • Uma Sankar Y

    Is there any way to know when the component is completely unloaded? Is there any event for this?

  • Costin Mirica

    Do you have a Github for this? I would really appreciate it!

  • Chic Si

    Thank you for your explanation.

  • 주피터

    Thank you, Enrique.

    A few Korean students have used your article in their coding class.

  • Tadija Bagarić

    Great stuff, thank you

  • İlhan Sağlık


  • Barak BD

    Will Ionic 4 have life cycle events natively, meaning without a dependency on Angular?

    • David Ramentol

      that doesn’t make any sense

  • Alamin Hossain Miraje

    Thank you #Enrique
    Thanks for your nice explanation.

  • Will Smith


  • Andrew Grosner

    it would be awesome if the lifecycle events had a simple interface class or set of interfaces that provide standardization so that the signature is consistent and easy to find.

  • disak

    What happens if while playing music the application goes into the background? o What happens if I start another application while playing music? Does the music stop? Keep going?