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  • Alex GoodBoy

    Hi Perry,
    Since what release of ionic is this available ? Is is available since RC5 ? or within last night release (from 11/05/2015) ?
    Thx for this great work 😉

    • Julien Renaux
      • Julien Renaux

        Actually it is available on Rc5 but do not works well

        • Alex GoodBoy

          Ok, I had RC5. I’ll give a shot on nighlt releases 😉

    • Perry Govier

      It’s been a work in progress for a long time. Most of it is in RC5, and even earlier RCs, but there’s some important fixes yet in the nightlies.

  • Victor

    This post is awesome.
    If Ionic is not awesome enough, these kinds of (small) things make it even better.

    Great job!

  • Badru


  • Harish AS

    correct me if my understanding is wrong,if we use collection-repeat (android)we will still use old js scrolling which is laggy and non smooth?

    • Mike Hartington

      js-scrolling with collection repeat is much smoother. It has the added benefit of only having to scroll 20 items so we can have a much smoother scrolling experience.

      • Harish AS

        cool.let me check it out man.thanks

      • Darryl D

        Not really seeing any improvement, any chance of it getting better?

  • Manish Prakash

    I setup the latest version of ionic 1.0 and did

    $; so as to enable native scrolling on android.

    But when i run the app on my phone, pull to refresh doesnt work?

    I am testing on android lollipop.
    I through the latest version of ionic supported pull to refresh with native scrolling?

    • Perry Govier

      It does. Can you share a code example that reproduces the issue?

  • Álvaro

    Native scroll is really cool. The only problem it has is that the keyboard hides the inputs in long forms and blocks any scroll on the screen.

  • Adi

    What’s the latest on native vs. js scrolling? This article could use an update for ionic v1.0.1 and current iOS/Android versions.

  • udeep shakya

    I am using ionic v 1.0.1. I placed overflow-scroll=”true” in ion-content which contains ion-list of ion-cards (with ng-repeat). The scroll performance is really better compared to when JS scrolling is not enabled. It works really well in Android 4.4.2 (when without pull to refresh) except as Alvaro mentioned below, the keyboard hides the inputs in the long forms. With pull to refresh, the content is sometimes zoomed, when I try to pull to refresh. In Android 4.2.2, there is another problem. The scroll.resize doesn’t resize the content (after infinite scroll) in Android 4.2.2. For now, Im using ionic scroll which is slow but at least, infinite scroll works. I wish to see infinite scroll, PTR working well with JS scrolling in the low-end devices too.

  • Vance Feld

    you want to use collection-repeat if you want a x or y only scroll to be performant.

    • Juan David Nicholls

      Is possible create a dynamic directive to replace to ng-repeat or collection-repeat depending of platform? (Android and iOS with collection-repeat, but Windows with ng-repeat)

  • Vance Feld

    does native scroll work with ion-scroll element, or only ion-content?