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  • Sean Hill

    So what’s the min SDK app version we should specify in our config.xml?

  • pliablepixels

    How does one go about creating a workflow that uses crosswalk for < 4.4 and not for 4.4+ and how do we make sure its uploaded to play store and the right app goes to the right device? Can you post a howto?

    • hollywoodscheisse

      I was thinking the same but then realized that Crosswalk makes the situation better even for 4.4+ devices since Crosswalk makes sure that every screen of your app looks exactly the same and you can expect the same functionality as well. So I gave up the effort of trying to differentiate.

      • pliablepixels

        Hello, I am now generating both a =4.4 version now – basically, the process is to first add crosswalk, compile, then revert android to default browser, compile again with –minSdkVersion 21 — this takes a much longer time of course (due to browser revert and add) but works well. The output size makes a big difference – for >4.4, the size is 9MB (can make it even smaller if I split arm7 and x86 – likely around 5MB each). The xwalk compiled binary is 30MB per architecture.

        On your comment about consistency, my understanding is the >=4.4 uses the chrome web view, so it should be as consistent as xwalk chrome (+ whatever improvements the native chrome build brings in)

  • vishnu neelancheri

    Hi, I am just download Ionic 2 sidemenu template. After I add platform android, it shows white screen on android 4.2.2 and in marshmallow there is no problem. Can u help me?