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  • Zaier

    thanks for sharing

  • Simon Reimler

    Thanks for including that link Katie! Awesome to see all that resources out there 🙂

  • IonicNewbie2

    Hey newbie here… biggest issue while -still- learning the ionic framework is the total lack of a good tutorial (like the angular tutorial) blazing over your most basic concepts which are pretty well hidden inside your documentation and styling guides (looks like you tried to make a showcase -like bootstrap does- instead of a proper documentation).
    The current “ionic book” its a guide on installing ionic (which was already discussed on getting started) and copy-paste this code see if it works.
    Thanks to this post, i have found tons of new resources but unfortunately mostly on a PPV format which to be honest seems quite expensive.
    So this is a great library but it has a really hard learning curve, specially since your ionic-directives seems most of times forced and not in-line with the “angular-way” (like a patch to make this work).

    Hope we see better documentation rather than links to PPV content.

    Kindest Regards
    PS: Disclaimer not a fan of video tutorials.

  • Raphael Porto

    There’s an Ionic course in portuguese too.

  • fabrulana

    Very cool post thank you. I forwarded this post to others. I have done the Mirko Nasato course which I fortunately got at a discount. Excellent course to get started, I can also recommend it. I might do some other courses and books to broaden my ideas, but I already feel confident enough to write my own apps… and have started to do so 🙂

  • Nihar More

    Great Post
    Thanks a lot it helped me a lot
    I am also going to share it to my friends and over my social media.
    Also, is a great platform to find and share the best tutorials and they have a specific page for Ionic

    This might be useful to your readers:

  • Suresh Dasari

    Good one. Thanks