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  • adesinamark

    Thanks for this post.

  • Nick Kenens

    Oh Ionic, you guys just make things so easy & declarative.

  • Julian

    There is one typo

    ionic plugin add cordova-image-picker

    should be

    ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-image-picker

    Been scratching my head looking for some problem on my internet connection which kept returning a 404.

  • Richieman

    That’s pretty awesome! I’ve been playing with this lately. But I can’t figure out how to handle different screen widths. For example, suppose in landscape you want 5 columns with pictures instead of 3. Or on a tablet you want even more or larger images.

    Any idea how to overcome that?

  • Erick Aky

    Awesome guys! Thank you!

  • Fabiano Albernaz

    ionViewLoaded() do not exists anymore …
    change it to ionViewDidLoad() as stated in

  • Dimas Oliveira

    Hallo, nice post! May I ask you how you got the layout screenshot with the grid attributes? I use to get this kind of debug info in Java Swing and it helps a lot.
    Thanks in advance!

  • hoffpauir

    I am getting 2 results per row, even with an odd set of data. So my last row has two columns even thought it shouldn’t, and I can’t figure out why

  • The Applicationist

    Thanks for this its good and clear. The width-50 has been updated now to a 12 column grid so instead you would now use col-6 to take up half the available space

  • Asad W

    How will we handle click on each image?

  • Funny Owl

    Hello! nice post! May I ask something? Should we prepare pictures that we have to show on the screen before when it loaded? before loaded html? Our pictures are on a server and we use it by ‘GET’.