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  • Criss Kimaryo
    • Andrew Haire

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing

    • Desarrollador Humanoide

      Superb! Could you please tell me what is the component to show Youtube videos? Thanks!

      • Criss Kimaryo

        sorry for late reply , but i just use iframe and i remove media control , by adding the option to url

  • Rodney

    Hi, I’m trying to get my head around PWAs. I run a startup called QueMesa. We have an Ionic 3 mobile app (thanks!) but in Mexico, apps are not widely adopted. So, I published our app as a PWA on Azure as a test, but I am trying to work out where it fits in with my desktop webapp ( The whole point is to only have 1 code base, but I wrote the webapp first in Angular 4 and then the Ionic App with a bit of code reuse but not much on the front-end and skinning. Option 1) Replace the desktop app completely with a PWA of the app, so that IS the app. Pros: Low entry to barrier. Cons: Looks wierd on the desktop. Option 2) Make the desktop site a landing page and link to where the PWA lives (and if they view it on mobile redirect straight to PWA). Option 3) Embed the PWA into the Desktop app (like the examples on Ionic site) and then redirect to the site if they are on a mobile browser OR let them interact with the site through the embded version (so the UX is like on a mobile app). Quite hard to explain, but any opinions appreciated!

    • Justin Willis

      Hey! Very awesome to hear what you’re doing! So we do have `ion-grid` which allows you to customize your app to look better in bigger viewports (such as a laptop or desktop), but i will be honest and say that we still have some work to do to make our components look really really good on desktop. So i would say either go with option 1 and you can use ion-grid and some custom css to make it look good on desktop. If you dont want to spend the dev time on that i would say go with option 2. Hope that answers your question!

      • Rodney

        Hi Justin, what did you think of Option 3?

    • Rodney

      Ok, I found an Ionic PWA which is doing something similar to Option 2)

      The desktop page is a nice bootstrap landing page (seperate codebase) and you can launch the app on a different URL (and in my case, also download the native apps).

      The only thing I would do different is that IF I go to that main URL ( on my mobile, I would redirect straight to the PWA

  • Jeffrey Chen

    I was trying to make a PWA site but came across with following difficulties. The root cause is , we have different experience on different platforms, makes it so hard to find an intersect requirement for design.

    The navigation experience with back and forward and refresh is not the same when surfing a PWA website.

    For desktop, we often use browser provided buttons for such actions. The buttons can still navigate back and forward but can go wrong when refresh in a nesting page.

    For iOS smart phones,
    When using safari to navigate a PWA made with ionic, they may use swipe back. This is really strange when you have a PWA with sidebar menu. Even with a simple PWA , the animation of swipe back is still confusing.

    For Android, this works most great when adding the PWA to home screen. Makes the app work like native. But the more you do with the design of native experience, such as navigation bar, the less comforatable experience you get from other platforms.

    • Justin Willis

      Hello! Thanks for using Ionic! We are hard at work on making sure our deeplinking works correctly in all scenarios with Ionic, including when refreshing in a nested page. I recommend you update to the latest version of ionic-angular, as it already has some of those fixes. On the sidemenu issue, you can use our platform class to hide the menu in Safari and show it in Android. Hopefully this helps you!

  • Alejandro Javier Villalón Nava

    I totally agree with you, and I love the way you have been using progressive web applications, I fully support it, and since we are going to have progressive web applications, what about isomorphic applications in ionic? Will we have Universal Angular in Ionic?
    This is to have a better optimization of the application as SEO features in our progressive web application.

    • Justin Willis

      Hello! At this time we do not have plans to support Angular Universal in Ionic Angular, however with Ionic-Angular 4 this may be possible and is something we would need to test. We do support SSR with web components built with Stencil and with all of the ionic components in ionic-angular 4 being ported to web components with Stencil, this may make Angular Universal easier to work with.