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  • Rodrigo Fernández

    Hey guys! You made a small typo in the code snippet above: it should be `viewport-fit=cover` instead of `viewport-width=cover`. Thanks for all the effort!

    • yesimahuman

      Eek good catch, fixed!

  • DilipWin

    What about Iphone X design? Do we have to make any changes in Header to fit properly?

    • Mike Hartington

      We’re in the process of working on the new design.

  • Joseph Mainwaring

    We really need to push Cordova to revise its tooling for generating icon/splash screen resources, it always requires modifications to extend when iOS wants you to include more sizes

    • Jan Piotrowski

      What would be the alternative? The tooling has to know about the individual files and where to put them. A “catchall” would be too wide and generate unexpected things probably.

      • Joseph Mainwaring

        It’s true, the tooling needs to know where to put the individual files, but the tooling doesn’t need to be so intimately tied to that knowledge.

        The last time Apple added additional icons, I was the one who contributed that fix to the cordova project. It took 5 months for my fix to make a release. My experience with that is why I have the opinion I do.

        I have ideas on how to address this in a way that would make it more flexible, but exploring those ideas requires time to work on open source, and I’m still wrapping up a fix for a cordova plugin that Oracle authored.

        • Jan Piotrowski

          You certainly know that all the people working on Cordova also are not a faceless organization working on the software but a hand full of folks working on it besides their main jobs – like you and me.

          Create an issue for the general problem then at least at the Cordova issue tracker:

          Good thing about PRs is that as soon as they are there, motivated users can just apply them to their local copy of `cordova-ios` (or whatever project the PR applies to) and be done with it.

    • yesimahuman

      I think this is more Apple just adding new formats constantly, it’s not really a Cordova issue.

      • Joseph Mainwaring

        It’s a cordova issue when you read the actual code copying the assets and realize how rigid it’s currently structured. see my reply to Jan’s comment above for more context.

  • Laurent Gleizes

    Why are you waiting the public launch to explain that tricks ?

  • Luis Cabrera

    Pardon the ignorance but how can I tell if an app I’m working on is already using the WKWebView?

    • Gregor Srdic

      have you tried running “ionic cordova plugin list” in the console and see if there is WKWebView plugin installed, or check the config.xml or package.json for cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine

      • Luis Cabrera

        It’s not listed, so I guess I don’t have it installed. Thank you Gregor!!!

  • Gregor Srdic

    If WKWebView will be default for iOS applications, is it possible to make it work with firebase social authentication using cordova-plugin-customurlscheme and cordova-plugin-browsertab plugins as explained in this tutorial ?

  • Sanmao Zhao

    What about Ionic v1 on iOS 11? Thanks!

    • Eric

      I second this, we have 4 apps using Ionic v1 — can we see an upgrade to it? Anything I can do to help contribute to this?

      • yesimahuman

        Yes we will have an update for Ionic 1 next week, thanks

        • Anet

          Is the update available?

        • Barry

          Is the update available now?

        • David Aanis

          Any news about a V1 update ?

        • Nick

          Where is the update? Can someone provide a link?

  • Mark Pedersen

    Looking at how fast people are adopting the new iOS 11 (, I’d say that it’s critical to follow the guidelines outlined in the post above.

  • petrot

    Doesn’t work for me 🙁
    ionic cordova plugin add

    Error: Failed to fetch plugin via registry.
    Probably this is either a connection problem, or plugin spec is incorrect.

    • petrot

      Solved with local npm…

  • andylockran

    It looks like the statusbar PR has been merged now; so we can revert back to the generic standard plugin:

  • Vané Zulu

    Hi guys, I have been trying to upgrade to WKWebView several times no but I keep reverting back to UIWebView because I can’t seem to be able to connect to my API endpoint. I am using @angular/http but this code “ + ‘/vehicle’, JSON.stringify(body), header)” does not run on iOS WKWebView.

    Does anyone know what Application Transport Security settings I should add for it to work? I just want to talk to my backend.

    • Dave

      Did you ever get this working? I gave up today and reverted to UIWebview for the same reason as you. Thanks in advance.

      • Vané Zulu

        Unfortunately we had to change our backends to implement CORS. Could not find a way around it without that.


    After all steps I still have problem with white space in bottom. I use plugin cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine, help please

  • Dimitri Podoliev

    I’ve added viewport-fit=cover, but now my App loads without errors and only shows white screen. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I’m not yet using WKWebView.

    • Dave

      Did you fix this? If so, how?

  • Billy Gerhard

    Is there an ETA on releasing the 1024 icon change? I am stuck waiting to submit my app.

  • Maria

    Build error: ld: framework not found FBAudienceNetwork

  • Mihai

    “hit the play button” – lol, Xcode does look like iTunes 🙂

  • Gil Hildebrand

    Just tried to submit a new release to the App Store but got a warning about the missing 1024×1024 image. Is there any update on this? Is there a way we can resolve it manually in the meantime? I assume there is a file that needs to be resized and renamed, but which one?

  • Jan Spies

    Can anybody confirm whether using Cordova iOS 4.5.1 in order to prepare for iPhoneX, the minimum iOS version set in XCode9 has to be 9? Does this then mean that we have to drop support for iOS8 and lower?

  • atif

    I have a app build using Ionic version 1.1.0, xcode 7 and target version 7.1 . now i updated the ionic version to 1.3.3, xcode 8.3 and target version 8.0. the problem is that when i build the project using xcode it shows warning of depreciated API used in Ionic and it plugins libraries. can anyone have solution to this problem?

  • Dimitri Podoliev

    When I run ionic cordova build ios, “viewport-fit=cover” is removed…. Any ideas why? or how to fix it??

    • hugo blanc

      I think that you don’t write viewport-fit=cover in the good index.html. Check the one into your src folder

  • Aleksandr Movsesyan

    I followed all the instructions. Almost everything worked for ionic 1. There are two issues that still are not working.

    One is that the new splash screen is still not generating for iPhone X, is there any update on this?

    Two, there needs to be an update to ionic-bower as it does not include the latest changes from [email protected] to enable ion footer and action sheet to have the correct bottom margins. Reported here: Is there a timeline for this?

  • drdomski

    “Getting your Ionic apps updated for iOS 11 is easy.” Oh no it ain’t – followed all the instructions to the letter and I run into duplicate symbol problems. What a joke. Where is the Ionic 1 update @yesimahuman promised 2 months ago?

  • Jacques De Villiers

    I have followed all the steps here (ionic v1), but it’s still not working. Have logged an issue here –, but if anyone does have any additional tips for me to try – please let me know.

  • Renjit r

    Error: Source path does not exist: res/screen/ios/[email protected]~universal~anyany.png

    why im getting this error while i building ios project from visual studio code

  • Joe Janiszewski

    When I update my viewport meta tag in my index.html to add the viewport-fit=cover field, it removes itself every time I run a new build. Does anyone else have this issue, or know how to correct it?

    • Joe Janiszewski

      Nevermind! I was edited the index.html from the www folder, not the src folder.

  • Ramana Sk

    Is this work for ionic 1?
    what are the procedures to achieve in ionic 1 based app?
    can you please help this out.
    it is not generating new splash screen for iPhone x.

  • Kishan Oza

    After follow all the steps its working fine in iphone X but on other device status bar stick to my ion-header-bar.. rest all is fine

    any suggestions ?