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  • Bernardo Leon

    So is version 4.0.0 going to be LTS?

    • Adam Bradley

      Yes, starting at 4.0.0 we’ll provide LTS. The exact dates we’ll still work out yet and will publish more when it’s released.

  • abuassar

    how to join the alpha testers of v4?

    • zwacky

      the alphas and release candidates are already released and free to all to test.
      e.g. today [email protected] got released, which can be used and cloned.

      • Jameson Taylor

        I’d like to point out that RC5 is the version of the CLI not the ionic UI framework. The ionic UI framework is on Alpha2 at the moment.

    • Adam Bradley

      Alpha is available for testing today in npm: However our docs aren’t up yet showing the changes. Once they are and we’re confident with it we’ll be quick to let everyone know.

  • Trần Quang Hiệp

    love it, thank for your work

  • joeyology

    Thanks for the update Adam! Good job to Ionic Team! The future is seemingly bright with Ionic!

  • Jiyuu

    LTS, finally! Might be a good opportunity to migrate our v1 base code… 🙂 Any idea when v4 will be released? (june? september? …)

    Future looks promising Ionic Team!

    • Adam Bradley

      Hate to make any promises on exact dates, but should be this summer. Additionally, it’s all available for use now in npm (, but the updated docs aren’t up yet so we’re holding off on asking many to start testing it.

      • Shane Wright

        Are you still planning on promoting v4.0 (LTS) from beta sometime this summer?

    • Mark at TapTapEat

      It is comforting to see others stuck back in v1. We are too! It has been good to us though.

      • Usman Qadri

        I’m not alone 😀 V1 is awesome though!

  • Angel Serrano Perez

    How many generations have you talking about ( LTS) ?

  • Mark Aurit

    Any chance the community will have a say as to what will and won’t go into lts?

    • yesimahuman

      What exactly are you looking for? We will be publishing our support schedule, but basically it’ll be focused on the ionic-team/ionic repo, for version 4

  • Victor Jatobá

    I realy miss an Ionic release-schedule. Please, just think about to working like google on Angular releases (

    Good job!!

  • Niranjan Gowda C M

    OMG LTS support for ionic can’t wait for the relese

    Very good work ionic team, keep it up