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  • MrSparklle

    Any expectation to lazy loading back to work in v4?

    • Mike Hartington

      This is a big one and is taking a lot of time. We’re talking with the Angular team as the router API does not provide any external facing fixes that can work for us at the moment. We’re doing everything we can though and will make sure we have something by final.

  • Markonen

    Ionic blazes forward!

    • Mike Hartington


  • Simon Grimm

    “super close” NICELA!

    Really liking the latest changes, but we are there v14 and v15 while both look thew same?

    • Mike Hartington

      ….Software happens Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

      Beta 14 had a sneaky little bug so we took care of it real quick before making things public.

  • Timo

    Are you considering to finally implement sliding tabs as well?

    • Mike Hartington

      This should be relatively easy to add, though it seems to be falling out of favor in the material design world.

      • Nathan

        What about sliding segments?

  • Mike Lallemont

    Looks great! Only one little issue I see and that is when using a router outlet for tabs, the first tab icon is never highlighted if the first route is from a redirect.

  • Phil Merrell

    Love v4. We are hoping to release our v4 app by January. Any updates you can give on approaches to retaining Tab stack history? Also any updates for swipe to go back on native iOS? 🀘

    I see these as the biggest barriers to releasing (for us anyway).

  • Nathan

    Are you working on or thinking about writing a roadmap for 2019? I think lots of people and companies would like your vision on Ionic 4. There are a lot of things I’m not sure about, watching several github issues to get some sort of clarification.
    Things like what you think will be your min Android and iOS version in the stable version. If, when and how the Android back button will be implemented, when will angular environments work with ionic cordova build command, how to mock ionic-native inside of unit tests and I can go on. But it would be get an official statement somewhere this year πŸ˜€

    • Phil Merrell

      Hi nathan… If I understand you correctly when you said “angular environments work with ionic cordova build command” you should be able to set up an object under the “configurations” property of your angular.json.

      Here’s a gist:

      Once that entry is set up, you can then run ‘ionic cordova build ios –configuration=dev’ to build with a targeted environment file. This has been working for us. Hope it helps.

      • Nathan

        Thats exactly what I mean. Why I call them angular environments, because the ionic cordova build–env (prod) suggests the use of some environment file but its just the configuration in i think angular.json.
        Thanks for your gist, that helps a lot

  • Abu Nj

    is there any way to create non-angular project with v4 CLI ?

  • Naveed Ahmed
  • void brain

    There will be a v4 Super Starter Template?
    Best practices, complex layout and basic components..

  • Volodymyr Bilyachat

    Any chance to have weekly releases? You guys are doing absolutely the best job πŸ™‚ I was thinking to start upgrading some of mine application but changed my mind due to slow releases(I mean if there are major bugs they should be fixed asap).

  • Harry Manchanda

    Hello there Team ionic,

    I am somewhat experienced web designer/developer and I was checking out ionic 4 docs… (I have never tried ionic)
    With ionic can I go fully monty with Material design on all platforms… I mean in iOS too??


  • Douglas Garber

    Mike – in reference to your image of the new tab bar above, with what appears to be a fab button in the middle, how do we get the button to break out of the container? In some experimenting, I am able to place a fab button in a tab button yet the top of it is being hidden as what seems to be overflow control is hiding it. How can break out of the container and display as as your image above displays?

  • redhabayu anggara

    im so excited to wait ionic 4 release candidate..

  • mohammedzamakhan

    Are you guys going to open source the screenshot tool?