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  • Julian

    This is great, and I think I’ll start hacking for my Ionic2 app right away but there is something that has been bothering me about ionic platform pricing structure for a while.

    When reviewing the pricing page
    I noticed that the free tier says FREE but also APPS IN DEVELOPMENT

    Would that not mean that my apps cannot be published on the App Stores using that plan then? (I had this problem when publishing an app using Firebase’s free tier, the app store rejected it because the free tier is for Development only)

    I recall that you guys said before there was any talk about pricing, that one of your missions is to start charging money when we start to make money (I can’t remember the exact words), but if I have to 39$ a month even before I have made any money then would that not be the opposite of that statement?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Ionic and am grateful for the opportunities I got because of Ionic, but this has really bothered me for a while and stopped me from really embracing the service and recommending it.

    • Eric Bobbitt

      Good point, that’s a little bit confusing. So to clarify, you can absolutely publish your app to the app stores using our free plan. As your app grows in popularity, you can upgrade your plan to support the continued growth of the services you utilize most.

      • Julian

        Thanks Eric. That was exactly what I needed to hear.

        • Carl Rydings

          Is the free tier per App per month aswell, like the indie, growth tiers etc? For example can i do 50,000 push notifications per month per app or say i had 3 apps would they share the 50,000 push notifications, and is it in total or per month?

          • Julian

            Good question, I am curious about that also. But since the other paid tiers are per App so I assume the free tier is per App as well.

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