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  • Julian

    Just awesome !

  • juarezpaf

    Just in love with Ionic Services! <3

  • Gabriel Santos

    Fucking nice, yes, indeed!!

  • Matheus Oliveira

    Hi guys, i run command “ionic add ionic-service-push” and return for me “Failed to find the bower component” what this is ?

    *My CLI is 1.6.4

    • Rudy Pelrine

      Hey Matheus,

      This can happen sometimes when there’s old, cached versions of bower components lying around, or you have a version conflict. To get past it, I’d remove ionic-service-push and ionic-service-core, run ‘bower cache clean’, then reinstall the components.

  • Riinav Gangar

    Awesome update on Push…
    I was stuck with configuring Push, now seems a lot easier…
    Thanks Guys 🙂

  • giorgiofellipe

    Good news! Keep going 😉

  • JustDev Inc

    Awesome just awesome.

  • Elindor

    Nice guys, but so you know, I won’t start using the services – as well as a lot of other devs I guess – until I see the price ranges. Knowing there will be a free tier is not helping me since I’m pretty sure to need more.

  • mhd Almidani

    Awesome, Great news!!

  • nanigarapati

    Great job guys !

  • jackyon

    just wow~~ so cool you guys doing! bravo!