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  • Jorge Vergara

    I love Ionic Native, just used it last weekend to build an app with Social Sharing, got it working in under 5 minutes, very easy to use 🙂

  • Tom McLellan

    Awesome! While building in Ionic 1 it was easy to lose a lot of time troubleshooting cordova plugins and library dependencies across different platforms – hopefully Ionic Native will make it easier. As Ionic 2 becomes a top framework for progressive web apps, there may be a lot of scenarios where the user experience has to be different depending on whether there’s a browser edition of the Ionic Native / cordova plugin. Hopefully we’ll see more browser implementations of Ionic Native plugins.

  • eric

    can it really work on ionic 1 without typescript?

    • yesimahuman

      Yes, the bundled version is just vanilla JS.

  • Sun

    How about performance vs ngCordova?

    • yesimahuman

      Performance should be slightly better due to the lack of the ng1 promise and digest overhead. Not a major factor though

  • Amit Yadav

    I have already started using and its away better and easy to undertand

  • Phani Kumar

    Good, so if I add a type script will it add right plug in for both iOS and Android version?

  • theefer

    Awesome milestone teached! Thanks!

  • Nikhil Jauhari

    Ionic is really magical and now IonicNative, First time I
    ‘m loving any technology like this.

  • Chirag thaker

    Is ionic native is only for ionic v2 ??

    • yesimahuman

      No, it works for Ionic 1 and Angular 1. See the note about ngCordova above

  • Sergio Fiorotti


  • veeco

    I’m new with ionic.. so with ionic native, we don’t need cordova anymore ?

  • hossam radi

    how can get current place using ionic native plugin

  • Andre Steckles

    What exactly is meant by ‘include the bundle file in the latest release’ above? Having some problems getting to work with Ionic 1.