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  • Jasdeep Khalsa

    Do you need the iOS and/or Android SDKs installed on your computer to take advantage of this feature? In my case I don’t use a Mac so developing for iOS is a real problem since XCode doesn’t run on Linux or Windows

    • Anirudh

      You wouldn’t need it for this feature specifically. This just opens your project’s www folder in the browser basically. So you can experience the UI and look and stuff, but of course you wouldn’t be getting any device hardware functionality like GPS or Bluetooth that your app may have.

  • Juan David Nicholls

    How do they may have different styles for each UI? Android, iOS, Win Phone… ๐Ÿ™‚
    PD: What do you recommend to use Google Material Design?

  • Ronan Connolly

    Can’t wait until this feature gets built out with keyboard, geolocation and orientation support ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Heywood

    How about tablet sizing?

  • Sampath Lokuge

    Here you have said like this “Ionic Lab makes it much easier to test your apps on multiple screen sizes and platform types:”.So how can I test it with the multiple screen sizes ? It’s having only one screen size right ? ๐Ÿ™

    • Tony Curwen

      Would be a great feature – in the interim try patching the #iphone-frame CSS definition for the various screen sizes, works fine for me (though a kludge for sure).

  • Daniels Ugheghe

    android platform is not installing in my ionic lab

  • Anderson Faria Silva

    Is it possible to get current position for google maps in ionic lab? If so how can I do this?

  • Wagner Doering

    Is it possible to access the console log of each little browser at Ionic Lab??

    • Reginaldo Noronha

      Hi, did you solve your problem?

  • Mukesh

    is there any way to preview application on browser in landscape mode

  • Jesus Gomes

    amigos tengo un problema en windows al ejecutar el comando ionic serve
    en la imagen esta el error pero en resumen dice

    “este archivo no tiene ningun programa asociado para realizar esta accion”

    • Justin Estrada

      upgrade your OS this looks like you’re using WIndows XP

  • NooNoo

    This is awesome!

  • kamal

    How can I start ionic on red hat linux ? I downloaded ionic lab for linux but couldn’t start it.Can you please help here ?

  • Shubham Jain

    i m trying to open another application file in browser to test but ionic serve command for that file open a previous file

  • Jaideep Ghosh

    Am beginner in Ionic Lab, and facing an error: ERROR INSTALLING ANDROID PLATFORM.
    Please help me. Am using Ionic Lab on windows 8.1 and android studio is installed.

  • Reginaldo Noronha

    Hi, I have a problem with the ionic serve –consolelogs CLI 3.5 with ionic v1 is not printing the console.log on the terminal.

  • Dhanuka Dilsan Gunarathne

    can use android, ios and windows phone at same Ionic Lab?

  • kate technologies
  • smith roy

    Does this support cordova plugins?