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  • Loren

    Wow, it would be awesome to see the viewport resizing + scrolling code as a Cordova JS package – would be very useful for those of us outside of Ionic 🙂

  • Sports Dashboard

    The predictive text at the the top of Android keyboards is driving me nuts. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of it. I put in autocomplete=”off” autocorrect=”off” and spellcheck=”false” on the input. I tried various drifty commands but the closest is one that gets rid of the accessory bar. There seems to be xml commands that work in native development, but I can’t figure out how to use them in cordova. 🙁 I really want to get rid of suggestions and allow my users to focus on my auto suggest.

    • Danny Francken

      What I did for this is add an eventListener to the window for the “native.keyboardshow” event. This event returns the height of the keyboard which you can get by event.keyboardHeight.

      I then save the keyboardHeight to a variable called currentKeyboardHeight.

      Then when a user types on Android and predictions/autocomplete popup, the same event is fired, but this time, the keyboardHeight is the original keyboardHeight + the height of the predictions.

      So I took the difference between the two (newKeyboardHeight – currentKeyboardHeight) and scrolled up the difference.

      Works great!

      • Andy Zhang

        I’m actually only getting an event with the keyboard height that doesn’t include the autocomplete even, though the autocomplete suggestions have shown up immediately.

    • Mateusz Morszczyzna

      +1 for disabling accessory bar as it totally breaks checing keyCode on Android – infamous 229 keyCode problem.

  • rozumny

    even after ionic did the work to fix it, it’s still broken and not working properly