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  • Ahmed D. Sherif
  • Rashid NK


  • Ramesh Chandramowli

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  • jarjarbuggle

    the “ionic plugin add …” command doesn’t work. “The plugin command has been renamed”

    • Jorge Vergara

      Now it’s “ionic cordova plugin add …..”

  • valmy roi

    Please how can i get the user’s infos in a page

  • Zakaryae MAZOUZI

    Can anyone help me out please, I keep getting the error message from facebook : invalid hash key even though i used the keytool to generate the base64 signature

  • Susen Yudha Graha

    thanks, working for me

  • Gian Franco Fioriello

    Thanks for this post!
    Can you tell me if there are a way to debug the app in a browser and not get the “cordova_not_available” error?

    • Soufiane Med Mgani

      Hi Gian, You must run the app on a real device or an emulator, In case you want to debug it on real device, run the “ionic cordova run android” (Make sure your real device is plugged and developer mode is active) then on chrome browser press “F12” key then search for Remote devices if you can’t find it toggle (Esc) key a tab shows in the bottom of the screen, press the 3 vertical dots and choose “Remote devices”, press you device name and then “Inspect” button, another window will popup with app screen preview and console.
      Happy coding.

  • Prabath Perera

    For anyone who’s looking for a shortcut, use this starter

    • Sidick Binate

      once you sign in with facebook and reset the password you can’t sign in again with the facebook credential because the password is not the same anymore! any idea about how to solve this?

  • Jeetu Choudhary

    Not working in android device