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  • Andrew Ambrose

    The links in this post, namely the Ionic Creator, are broken and produce a 404 error. How do we get to the Ionic Creator?

  • Kabelo

    Nice concept with the drag and drop feature but i feel limited to the functionality it would be nice to be able to switch between the design and code once stable released is officially released great job guys forever waiting for your amazing work

  • georgebirbilis

    would expect the “announce the Ionic Creator” broken link to have been fixed by now since you were informed by Andrew Ambrose (see comment below) 5 months ago

    • georgebirbilis

      oops, the “sign up” link is broken too, together with the ” in the framework” one

  • Bruno Fazoli

    Is it offline? I’m getting “Application error” while accessing

    • Bruno Fazoli

      it’s working now! 🙂

  • invisiblehatsfoundry

    It would be nice if we could create our own components in the creator’s library so that we can do rapid prototypes with our actual designs.

  • Protonbits

    Good concept.Overall your information is very nice. In some of the phase it generate some error in your link. So please provide information without generating Error.

  • Manuel Congosto


    “With the upcoming Ionic View app, you’ll be able to rapidly test your Creator apps”

    how to do this? is for the free version too?