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  • Bo83

    The quotes below should be the mission statement for all of web development. Good job guys! Do whatever you have to in order to stay true to these goals!

    “Our goal is and will always be to reduce the amount of knowledge developers need to have about modern JS build tools to build Ionic apps.”

    “Our goal is to make Ionic’s build chain zero-configuration, while still enabling power users to add custom loaders and features they want to use. We feel very strongly that the JS build chain is too complicated today, so I hope you see our goals through the lens of trying to remove the build process as a point of complexity for Ionic development.”

  • Hendrik Grobler

    Keep up the great work guys, appreciate all the effort you put into making Ionic 2 great.

  • Sagiv Frankel

    Thank you for the update and hard work Dan!

    If I choose choose to stay with rollup for now – Is there any point in updating? Are there any benefits? Will my build time improve?

    • radoo

      I updated “unknowingly” this morning, and everything looks good and fast.
      Didn’t have the courage to unpin the dependencies in the package.json yet, but at least nothing broke anymore.

      I am interested in the answer to this exact question as well, but I am guessing the focus will be on webpack, so that’s probably going to be our choice.

  • parseINT32

    npm install @ionic/[email protected] –save-dev

  • Stefan

    Thank you so much, Ionic. I was so frustrated by the long time it took with each code update I made (from compiling to browser refresh). That time greatly reduced to below 1 second, which is awesome. Agility is back! 🙂

  • Allen Bierbuam

    Are there plans to document how we can build Ionic applications inside our own build chains?

    I love the ionic app-scripts for getting something up and running quick to test an idea, but for some of our production applications I need to integration the ionic build into our existing angular2 build setup. This is especially needed for the places we want to use Ionic for progressive web applications side-by-side with our other web applications.

    I filed a question about it on the docs site but maybe I should put this somewhere else:

    Keep up the awesome work. The new build is great.

  • Luke

    The beginning was challenging (a bit of shock) but overall experience is very good! Thanks for your hard work on IONIC2!
    It was a good change!

  • mixersoft

    Thanks for the effort here. This is a big deal for people who are making the transition from ionic to ionic2. I’ve spent more time dealing with build & module (TS import/export) issues than with ionic2 or angular2. That makes the transition very difficult and frustration. I think you need to have a `build –dev` environment that is customized for quick learning and a smooth transition before you offer a compact and efficient `production` build. That’s where most people are while you are still on RC0.

    I have managed to get rollup to work in my project (barely) but now I find that the switch to webpack has introduced some other build errors. ugh

    • mixersoft

      and now I have come to appreciate `rollup` — all my `webpack` runitme errors come from code that was `tree-shaken` away by `rollup`

  • Urs

    Thanks for the great work. So far, all the changes (yes, even the code breaking changes!) made so much sense….
    Don’t listen to complainers and keep going the way you think it’s best. It’s your framework.

  • Guibson

    How to install Meteor 1.4 using the latest version of Ionic2?!
    In tutorials in the website oficial of “angular-meteor”, they use old version of Ionic, with gulpfile.js and webpack configurations…. How I can use meteor without gulpfile and webpack?? TY!

  • Lortivar

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but will this speed up my Ionic 1.3 builds? Thanks

  • tourdeforce

    Sorry I am new to this – I can’t, always get this. Any help?

    ├── UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY @angular/[email protected]
    ├── UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY @angular/[email protected]
    ├── UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY @angular/[email protected]
    ├── @ionic/[email protected]
    └── UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY [email protected]

  • Carlos Rojas

    I think the official documentiation is outdated.

    • Gerhard Pretorius

      It still is? 5 months later?