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  • Loco Van Coco

    Nice!! an example project would be very useful

  • FX Bayu Anggara

    nice explanation..

  • Jordan Thurston

    This is a great write up, but is there an updated version for the latest Ionic release?

  • sturtus

    I have to second a request for a demo app. This is super valuable, and there isn’t anything out there on the Ionic or Evanto market that does this.

  • Luciano Motti

    Hi, I couldn’t get it to work. On “Step 4. Create the Git2It App” after I run “ionic serve” it loads the default Ionic Blank Template and not the app. Does anyone know how to fix it? I followed each step twice to make sure but without any success. 🙁

    • Matt Albinson

      Yup, me too. Very frustrating.