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  • soniyj

    Thanks for the tutorial, I was looking for something similar in order to move to ES6/Typescript.
    However, I followed the first and the second part, but I got some problems.

    First you need to install also cordova-ionic otherwise there is an error on Keyboard

    tsd install cordova-ionic –save

    Moreover after you run gulp compile, the reference will be into the js files as well.

  • bob

    What about Visual Studio? Will there be an ionic 2.0 project template?

  • Marçal Juan Llaó

    When part 3? 🙂 Can’t wait!

  • jetmiller

    found tsd-cordova plugs for device, inappbrowser, slashscreen and statusbar.
    but i need the plugs for whitelist, keyboard and console. where can i find them?

  • Bernardo Gomes

    THanks for this tutorial ! Great Job MAN !