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  • giorgiofellipe

    Awesome ideas using awesome tools 😀

  • rgazeredo

    Ionic is amazing, imagine the possibilities

  • Dominik Vogt

    iBeacons – love it. Thank your for the information and keep the blog updated

  • Valerio Barbera

    Improve together Bluetooth LE tecnology in cordova environment and change the world!

  • Eduardo Brandes


  • Fernando Pontes


  • sreekanth s


  • Onix Oni

    cant wait more…

  • ahayder

    thanks @katie for the awesome news.

  • HAT.


  • Victor Brutskiy (4refr0nt)

    See “IoT Manager” at GooglePlay

  • timothystewart6

    ionic + raspberry pi + gpio coming anytime soon?